ASEA and Renu28 = Redox Signaling Molecules

ASEA and Renu28 = Redox Signaling Molecules

It’s Like Having Your Immune System In A Bottle!

Picture of changes in aging neck before and after using Renu28

Renu28 – Before and After


Bottle and spray bottle of ASEABox and Tube of Renu28 from ASEA
ASEA and Renu28  (Redox signaling molecules) AreThe Most Important Wellness Tools I’ve Ever Discovered in Over 30 Years of Practicing Alternative Medicine!


Click on the Video Link Below to Be AMAZED!

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Click Here to See Totally Amazing Results After 28 Days     diseased hand improved after using Renu28

winking smiley face with hand in "yes" positionI’ve seen similar results after people used these “Redox signaling molecules” products in far fewer days.

Sometimes, it’s literally like you can watch the changes in front of your eyes as you stare at an affected area. That is because Redox signaling molecules send activating signals which cause damaged cells to be repaired or replaced. It works instantaneously and exactly like your own immune system works inside your body. The only question is how much work there is to do. Is the condition a new injury or a life-long illness, for example.

Briefly, Why Do You Need It?

Your body’s immune system helps it restore itself through exactly the same signaling molecules. However, we lose about 10% of those molecules’ effectiveness with every ten years of life after childhood. When you boost your system capacity with this Redox signaling molecules drink, the result may be a more youthful appearance, a wound heals quickly, or a skin condition disappears. Note: every result is individual, as everyone’s body responds differently, so some people have faster and others have slower visible results as the product works deep within.

Learn More Or Order More As We Go!

This page is long so that you can find all the information in one place. I’ll offer several links that you can go to throughout the page either to order or to learn more on my ASEA company website.   

You’ll see this icon Circular button on a blue background. Button says says BUY ASEA   and then this info.

My name is Nancy Wyatt

My Associate ID number is 1500102942.

Click Here for my ASEA website where you can order both ASEA and Renu28.

That link will take you to a page that looks like this, after which you can explore or order.

ASEA NW website landing page

What’s the Difference Between ASEA and Renu28?

Blue bottle of ASEA with notes about what body systems it helps


ASEA is not an herb, juice, food, drug, or vitaminASEA is both the name of the company and of its original product, which is a liquid.

It is taken as a drink in small amounts twice a day.

The liquid also can be used as a spray or with a clean eyedropper in eyes, ears, or wherever.

ASEA works on every cell in a body, as long as the drink has not been contaminated. That means one needs to follow the instruction for storage and use carefully. I’ll give you those directions NOW and again later in case you want to learn more before you try it. It’s easy and fast. You just have to be sure to do it right!


Blue box and tube of Renu28

Renu28 is the gel form, for external use, which helps the skin repair and restore itself.

It is proven to be hypo-allergenic and non-toxic.

It penetrates more deeply than spraying the skin and has been applied successfully in painful areas and areas where cellulite is present.

How To Use It + More Skin Care Options

Click Here for a detailed Renu28 Usage Guide video by Dr. Alan Noble. Here is the short version.

  • Shake the tube before EVERY use.
  • Rub it in – don’t let it air dry.
  • Apply to face, neck, and chest on CLEAN skin.
  • Use elsewhere on the body as desired.
  • Wait five minutes before using additional moisturizers or makeup.

If you wish, you can purchase the entire range of skin care products, which include a Redox cleanser and serum.

Renu28 + additional skin care products like cleanser and serum








What Renu28 is doing to help you on the outside is what ASEA, the Redox signaling molecules drink, is doing to help you on the inside even though you don’t usually feel it.

What If You Already Know Enough To Order Now?

ASEA Associate bannerI discovered ASEA and have been drinking it daily since late April 2013.

There are three ways in which to buy it. You are welcome to talk to me about the two ways in which you can get reduced pricing by signing up for auto-ship (automatic shipping). (It’s easy to cancel if you change your mind.)

But, if you just can’t wait to talk with me and want to order now, below is the link.

Circular button on a blue background. Button says says BUY ASEAMy name is Nancy Wyatt.

My Associate ID number is 1500102942.

Click Here for my ASEA website where you can order both ASEA and Renu28.

If you want to explore more first, let’s learn how it works.

Redox Signaling Molecules

”Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized. In the first, it is ridiculed. In the second, it is opposed. In the third, it is regarded as self-evident” ~ Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

ASEA laboratory gloved hands pouring liquid into a test tube

ASEA technology is amazing, exclusive, and highly patented. Through its proprietary scientific processes, conducted in its world-class laboratories, ASEA changes the molecular structure of pure salt and water into a solution of Redox signaling molecules that is identical to the body’s own immune system. So what? Here’s what.

Picture of Dr. Gary Samuelson, atomic research scientist who discovered how to make ASEA workBAM! The body produces its own Redox signaling molecules constantly. Those signals flash instantaneously and then disappear. The miracle is this. Atomic medical scientist, Gary Samuelson, Ph.D., and his team of researchers learned how to stabilize those molecules using nanotechnology and other scientific methods. That means those trillions of Redox molecules can be bottled and shipped to you without losing their effectiveness. It took years, and most research scientists thought it could not be done. Thanks to his genius, it now has been done.

  • ASEA IS Redox signaling molecules.
  • Your immune system USES Redox signaling molecules to repair and replace damaged cells.
  • The saline solution and the Redox signaling molecules in ASEA are exactly the same that you own body generates.
  • That is what keeps you healthy and triggers your body’s response in overcoming injury or illness.

Potential Improvements To Make You Happy

Don’t Get Confused About Salt Content

illustration of a carrotillustration of a carrotThe amount of salt is minuscule – like the amount one would find in a piece of bread, a glass of milk, or 2 carrots. The body NEEDS salt to exist. The salt content in ASEA is exactly the same as our bodies produce naturally.

ASEA is composed of sodium chloride (not chlorine) and specially engineered Redox signaling molecules in pristine, distilled water.  These elements are exactly the same as what our own bodies (and the bodies of all living things) produce as part of our immune systems.

If Our Bodies Make It Naturally, Why Do We Need More?

Good question! Why is having a supplement drink so wonderful? It matters because we lose about 10% of these vital molecules per decade of life. That’s why we show signs of aging and do not recover from injury or illness as quickly as in childhood. To maintain or return to maximum health, we need to replenish these molecules after about age 12.

The following is my favorite animated explanation of ASEA for those of you who learn by visualizing, not reading.  

Amazing Redox Signaling Molecules Explained

 video icon  Amazing Molecules

Another Chance To Order Now

There is more info below. However, if you’re ready to research more from my official  ASEA website, here are the links again. You are welcome to talk to me about the two ways in which you can get reduced pricing and auto-ship (automatic shipping). But, if you just can’t wait, go ahead and click below.

Circular button on a blue background. Button says says BUY ASEAMy name is Nancy Wyatt.

My Associate ID number is 1500102942.

Click Here for my ASEA website where you can order both ASEA and Renu28.

The Founders and Company History

You can learn much more about the science, the product, and the business at that site, or by watching the next video. It answers the questions, “How did this get started, who runs it, and are they crooks or good guys?” It is very touching. (I’ve met the founders and many of the scientists. I vouch for them.) 

video icon     ASEA – The Genesis.


Graphic of ASEA bottles displayed in an arc with molecules depicted at the bottom.ASEA and Renu28 Usage Guide by Dr. Alan Noble

Here’s another video, by Dr. Alan Noble, who explains things better than I can. This is  Dr. Noble’s ASEA Usage Guide and a simple explanation of why it works and why there is ZERO toxicity.  Keep reading this post, if you prefer, as there is lots of information below.

video icon   Click Here for Dr. Noble’s video.

Are Doctors and Scientists Studying Redox Signaling Molecules? YES!

skeptical smiley faceGo to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) PubMed (site for physicians and scientists) to learn about Redox signaling molecules. It lists 17,466 studies (as of September 23, 2018) on Redox Signaling.  But, I did not know that when I started using ASEA. 

I also did not know that drug companies pay bloggers to discount non-pharmaceutical products.  What an education! Keep reading to learn more.

You Saw Some Blogs Saying It’s Just Salt Water. What’s Up With That?

blue head showing sad emotionYes, first, I got scared by some of the junk written by bloggers! Then, I learned that pharmaceutical companies pay professional bloggers a lot of money to “trash” alternative therapies (non-drug therapies) as being “hoaxes.”  Those people blog often. They use computer robots to post frequently.  That causes their comments to be the first items which come up during a Google search. ASEA is a prime target because it works so well. I’m so glad I was too smart to believe them!
Those bloggers say it is “just salt water;” but the scientists used “just salt water” as the control substance against which ASEA was tested.  Salt water did not produce any amazing or even relevant resultsASEA also is a highly patented process. The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office does not allow patents for “just salt water.”  So, I decided to try ASEA and find out for myself!   

My First Post About It When I Was I New Participant

Here’s what I posted about it on Facebook right after noticing health improvements, as my body began to repair and replace damaged cells with the immune system boost from ASEA.  Quoting Myself:
Nancy on FaceBook

Nancy on FaceBook


Case of ASEA

“About that ASEA stuff.  It’s easy to blow it off as “just salt water,” but, the fact is that the molecules have been engineered to make it rejuvenating in a way you cannot do by dumping salt into distilled water.  It is a patented solution, and the U. S. Patent & Trademark Office does not issue patents for plain old salt water; so you know there is something different and beneficial about this product.

I’ve only been taking it since Monday night (which was April 22, 2013).  You may remember that my allergies are so severe that they wanted to do surgery “up my nose,” but they also were so severe that surgery could not be done; so I was sent to an allergist and am taking shots twice a week.  By June it will be once a week – allegedly for about 5 years!
The shots give me the allergies, on top of the seasonal pollens that are at a peak now.  The only thing that has worked to allow me to breathe and sleep is Singulair…a drug.  Beginning Monday night, when I first took ASEA, I did not have to take Singulair, and I have not taken it since.  Yet, I am breathing better than when I did take it.
ASEA as a sprayAlso, I sprayed it (ASEA) on my leg where there is a serious and worsening case of broken veins…….and, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a tremendous lessening of that problem.  It is too soon to tell (since I only sprayed it once); but it appears that will help a lot.

This is on top of my having met middle and upper aged people, whose skin looks like baby skin, it is so beautiful, since they started using this product.  So, yes, I plan to take it and sell it.

From Liquid To Gel With New Applications – So Exciting!

Renu28 before and afterAfter I wrote this (in 2013), the ASEA atomic medical physicists and other  scientists figured out how to make this product into a gel, which penetrates the skin much more deeply, and gives amazing results in terms of wrinkle reduction, dissipation of blemishes and sun spots, etc.  See my ASEA website and look for Renu28.

Independent Testing By Dermatest

Tests were done by Dermatest, an independent skin product testing group, which uses 3D skin mapping, among other techniques, to measure the depth of and changes in wrinkles, and Renu28 got a 5-star rating.


Dermatest 5 Star Rating

Dermatest’s 5 Star Rating of Renu28

Renu28 before and after

Watch this video to see the outstanding effects of Renu28 in just 28 days!


ASEA is not an herb, juice, food, drug, or vitamin

What ASEA is NOT

I repeat. ASEA is in a formula – exactly like what already exists naturally in your body. You cannot overdose. It has no toxic effects/ It does not interfere with medications.

One More Time: Who All Needs to Replenish Their Cells?

ASEA Bottle GraphicASEA, basically, is your immune system in a bottle, which you can use to supplement your own internal immune system AS YOU AGE after about the age of 12. It also works with plants and animals.

A more formal definition is this. ASEA is trillions of stable, perfectly balanced, Redox Signaling Molecules suspended in a pristine saline solution—the same molecules that exist in the cells of the human body and in all living beings on the planet. When they cease to function sufficiently well, death occurs.

Medical Scientists Are Studying Redox Signaling Molecules

Because They Are Key To Maintaining Life and Good Health

Dr. Naidu's book on Redox

Redox in All Life Forms Book by Dr. Naidu

Redox  Signaling molecules are vital for the health of your cells; that’s why your body makes its own supply. But after the age of 12, our cells make fewer and fewer of these molecules. ASEA is the world’s only source for replenishing Redox Signaling molecules.

Redox signaling molecules are being scrutinized in over 17,445 studies, conducted medical and atomic bio-scientists. For example, Dr. Narain Naidu is a world-famous, medical microbiologist and immunologist. He wrote a book, pictured here, which explains how Redox signaling molecules are key to the proper functioning of all life forms on earth.

I Know, I Know – TMI

But Here’s Where You Can Learn Even More About Science and The Business

ASeA Associate banner

Circular button on a blue background. Button says says BUY ASEATo get many more wonderful details about the science, the founders, the product, testimonials, and the compensation plan, feel free to visit my ASEA website, where you also can sign up to get the product.  However, I suggest you talk with me before you sign up, so I can explain the options and benefits of each. If you want to know more about how to become a highly active distributor, we’ll talk with someone who is very successful in building an active network.

Ways In Which to Use and Measure the Effects of ASEA and Renu28

Click Here for a complete explanation from Dr. Silverman

This is worth watching once for details, but you’ll remember afterward or can come back here for a quick memory refresher. Here’s the link again, in case mine did not take you there.

Is It Simple To Use?  YES!  Here Are ASEA Directions For Use:

  • Take two ounces one to two times daily on an empty stomach.  This usually is done as soon as you wake up and right before going to sleep at night.
  • Take ASEA straight—do not mix it with anything.
  • Use clean plastic or glass cups when drinking ASEA. Never use metal.
  • Avoid drinking directly from the bottle.
  • Refrigerate, if you like it better cold; BUT There is no need to refrigerate it after opening.
  • ASEA is 100% safe, non-toxic, and native to the body.

Use ASEA As A Spray For Multiple Conditions

ASEA spray bottleSee my blog post which lists some of the many and varied uses for ASEA as a spray.

You can use the spray bottle that comes with your order 
(pictured here), or you can keep it longer in a blue o brown spray bottle (which you purchase separately).

Use the Pouch Style ASEA At Your Exercise Class or Bike Ride

ASEA pouch

Note: If the product arrives frozen, allow it to thaw completely before use.   ASEA is not sensitive to extreme cold or heat in terms of potential to spoil.


Do not run out of ASEA!

More Details Of My Experience With ASEA

Please go to my blogs about this under the Category “ASEA.”  You will learn about changes in my eyesight and other areas, which occurred after I began using ASEA to boost my immune system responses. As my knowledge and experiences expand, more information will be shared with you! Enjoy!

ASEAVIA = Bioavailable Nutrients

Bioavailable Nutrients are newly available products, as of September 23, 2018. ASEA VIA answers the demand for effective supplements with cutting-edge products that are different from anything else out there with all-natural, highly bioavailable nutrients we don’t get in a regular diet.

Each ASEA VIA product is formulated for maximum bioavailability and works together with ASEA REDOX and other VIA products for complete cellular health and nutrition.

I Love It Enough To Sell It, But I Never Pressure You!

ASeA Associate bannerAfter having wonderful experiences with the products, I became a distributor for ASEA. But, that means I can sell it if you want it. I am not an aggressive salesperson. I can educate you. Then, you decide for yourself if you want to give the drink a fair trial of 3 months, and Renu28 a fair trial of 28 days. If you want to become an Associate (distributor), we’ll talk with one of my colleagues whose life is devoted to this cause.

If you’re ready to order now

or to explore more ASEA products, here is the link.

Circular button on a blue background. Button says says BUY ASEA

My name is Nancy Wyatt

My Associate ID number is 1500102942.

Click Here for my ASEA website 

where you can order both ASEA and Renu28 and new nutritional supplements.


The statements in this article are intended as educational only and do not constitute medical advice. ASEA does not diagnose or treat illnesses. Please consult your healthcare provider before starting any new diet, exercise, or use of supplements.

The opinions and testimonies expressed on this page have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Agency (FDA), because ASEA is not a drug. ASEA and I do not claim to treat or cure any diseases. Do not alter or discontinue any current medical treatment based on information from this page.

 Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, and Live Well!

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