Plan Posts for 2024

Below Are Calendar Aids for Planning Your 2024 Social Media Posts

Whether you own a business or have other reasons for wanting to have a public profile that will show up in Google searches, it’s wise to choose content carefully and to post regularly.  According to WyZow, a good guideline is to follow the 5:3:2 Rule.

“What is the 5:3:2 Rule?

When it comes to social sharing, the 5:3:2 rule is a ratio to follow for a well-rounded social strategy that will keep your fans engaged – and help you build more followers.

So for example, if you publish 10 posts per week then:

5: Should be content from others that is relevant to your audience.

3: Should be content from you that is relevant to your audience, but not sales focused.

2: Should be personal, fun content that helps humanise your brand.”

What is the 4:1:1 Rule?

This rule says that for every six posts you create on your social media channels, four posts should entertain or educate, one post should be a “soft sell” and one post should be a “hard sell.”

What is the 3:3:3 Rule?

Plan Posts a Bit Differently

The 3:3:3 “Rule of Thumb” is not dependent on how many total posts you make. Instead, it’s about what percentage of each kind of content you should use so as to keep your viewers interested. It suggests you post 1/3 educational content; 1/3 entertaining content; and 1/3 things directly about what you are promoting (your products, your book, your worthy cause). Depending on your area of interest, the suggestions may vary. However, there are things you can choose to use as “filler” when you want currently-relevant material. That’s what we’ll share today. Continue Reading →

Zoom Infographics

Seeking Suggestions for Zoom Infographics

I posted this short video on one of my Facebook pages, with this introduction. “I’m creating infographics for Zoom presenters to use + what I learned when I tried to do two things at once – with a camera. Tip 4 U – it won’t work, if you try it. LOL”

Examples of Infographics for Zoom and Other Online Venues

Zoom Infographic - Please Wait

This first infographic could be left on the screen while a presenter is working “behind the scenes” to let participants access Zoom or to arrange the notes and items needed once the meeting is started. That way, people coming online will know that, yes, they’re in the right place, and the host will be back soon. (I’ll make some that are less feminine in appearance, so there will be a selection from which to choose.)

Of course, there are other times in a presentation when a “Please Wait. I’ll Be Right Back” message is appropriate.

Zoom Infographic - Please Wait Technology

This infographic (and others like it) are great for use when technology goes ka-blooey (the technical term), and you would like to get it fixed behind the scenes while giving the participants something amusing to fill the awkward time.

What Infographics Might You Need to Enhance Your Presentation(s)?

Focus on the goal, not obstacles - handwriting on a napkin with a blue cup of espresso coffee

For a two-day workshop, presenters typically need some combination of:

  • 2 opening slides, which stay up while participants network and get their goodies before the opening session.
  • 2 or more ice breaker slides, to announce an exercise (and which could include the steps to the exercise, as well as the time allotment) to get the group relaxed and focused before speeches and presentations.
  • 4 coffee break slides (assuming 1 break in each morning and each afternoon session).
  • 2 lunch break slides.
  • 1 or more “Free Time” or dinner break slides, depending on the agenda.

You can go to my website for much more info. If you just want a couple more examples first, keep scrolling. Continue Reading →

Holistic Chamber of Commerce

HCC logoHave you heard of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce? It’s all about practitioners and providers of healthful and eco-friendly products or services for consumers. The purpose is to help people find solutions that are holistic and can be integrated into daily living in ways that are nurturing for humans, animals, and the planet.

By Helping Consumers Find Businesses, The Holistic Chamber of Commerce Helps Businesses Find Consumers!

2 figures shaking hands over the letters B 2 B (business to business)

2 figures shaking hands over the letters B 2 C (business to consumer)

One way it accomplishes this is by providing education and an on-line directory for the benefit of both practitioners and consumers.

It also shares business tools and resources with members to ensure the ongoing success of their practices.

“It is an international trade organization for holistically-minded professionals, practitioners, business owners, and resource providers, as well as a community coming together in support of a cause.”


“Camille Leon is the Founder of The Holistic Chamber of Commerce and a Marketing Maven thanks to Her books, The Working Workbook, and False Starts ~ The Misadventures of Transformation are available at Amazon.”

* * *

What Is Holistic Healing?

In case you don’t know what “holistic healing” means, they even supply a Glossary of terms and definitions. Actually, a whole bunch of modalities fall under the umbrella of “holistic healing” or “complementary and alternative medicine.” They run the gamut from acupuncture to healthy eating protocols, to energy healing, hypnotherapy, to essential oils and much more.

The Prince William County, Virginia Chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce

Meeting Info – Date, Time, Place

on the 2nd Friday of each month from 10 a.m. -11.30 a.m. The location is Jirani Coffeehouse, and the address is 9425 West Street, Manassas, VA 20110. The first two meetings for guests are free. However, we appreciate your buying a little something – or lunch – from Jirani’s as a thank you for hosting us.
This chapter President of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce is well-known to many of us. She is Uma Alexandra Beepat, owner of The Lotus and The Light Metaphysics Center. She has operated a hugely successful holistic healing business for ten years in this county. That chapter includes long-time wellness and metaphysics practitioners and people who are “total nubies” who just want to learn more. I hope you will visit and explore us to see if we are your “cup of tea.”

What I Offer

If you don’t know me, feel free to check out my certifications and other background info by Clicking Here. Let’s just say I have a vast business, volunteer, and holistic healing background. My emphasis this year matches my best talent, I summarize it this way. “I help people gain deep insights into situations, into themselves, and into possible solutions in ways that serve the Highest Good for All Concerned.”
Since I offer a free initial consultation, we easily can determine if I have ideas or resources that will help you. Feel free to contact me!
* * *
Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, and Live Well Together Now!


Job Hunting

New Class ~ Job Hunting in the Age of Technology

What does job hunting have to do with wellness? That’s easy. Lack of employment and/or loss of job can cause enormous stress, which is hazardous to your health. So, I am adding this class to those listed on My Get Well Guru’s offerings.

hand with middle and index fingers crossed - as in the expression "cross your fingers" for good luckYou have to do a lot more than just cross your fingers to be successful in today’s job environment.

I have been involved in hiring procedures, as well as supervisory functions, during most of my extensive business career. I even created a complete Human Resources Department “from scratch”  for a company in New York City once upon a time. Plus, I have learned a lot from current Recruiters in a tough job market, where the rules, procedures, and expectations  “ain’t what they used to be.” Here are some examples.

  • Computers, not people, are scanning resumes first to determine whether the applicant used key words that the company wants.
  • Many HR Departments or Hiring Authorities won’t even read a resume, unless the applicant is on LinkedIn and has used those key words in the first few lines on the page.
  • If HR or the Hiring Authority scans your social media pages and does not like the content, you won’t be contacted.
  • Many initial interviews are now conducted on-line via Skype or other video sources. If the applicant does not do well, or has mishaps, like barking dogs in the background, it’s over and out.

stick figures shaking hands as they pop up out of separate laptop screensRecently, I compiled a resume and cover letter for a Virginia construction engineer who also is a cost estimator. He hired me as a professional writer for this task. Despite the tough job market, he was offered the job ~ on the phone ~ from the company headquarters in California ~ immediately upon the company’s receipt of his materials! In addition, they hired him after having already decided on a different applicant to whom they were about to off the job. It was Thrilling (and he wrote a great testimonial for me)!

group of figures talking while seated in a circleI also created a job hunting class, which gives tips to entry level job seekers, as well as to old pros. It is available for individuals and groups, as is my class on whether to and how to start a business, if you think the time is right to venture forth.

editing a documentYou can take my class. You can book me for either writing or editing services for your application materials. Also, you can do both! However, if you do book me to provide the writing services, you will get the class free of charge, as well as a free template for thank you letters.

Do whatever is likely to give you the greatest chance of victory after you read the class description below the victory image.

Click on “Continue Reading.” (It will take you to my other website (My Persuasive Presentations), and you can contact me from there for more information or to book me.celebrate figure riding on shoulders of 2 friendsContinue reading

Thanks for checking in with me.

Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, and Live Well Together Now!

Class – All You Need To Know About How To Start A Business – Update



YEA!  This class is ready to launch!


Has life – or your current job – made you feel helpless?

Do you feel caged in, under the foot of your boss, or like a puppet on a string?

figure_behind_bars_anim_300_clr_3524 figure_underfoot_400_clr_6003 puppet_dance_PA_300_clr_6210




Does it seem like you are on auto-pilot – sleep-walking through the day?

Do you feel like a hamster on a wheel,

or like someone or something is trying to “trip you up?”







On the other hand, do you have some great ideas?

book_stack_pc_400_clr_3258Do you have some knowledge that you would like to put to better use – to benefit others or to help yourself?



Maybe, it’s time to change direction!stick_figure_choose_direction_anim_300_clr_2459

Class – All You Need To Know About How To Start A Business – Update

Click on the highlighted links in this paragraph to see the additional information being described.  As mentioned previously, I have created a class about How To Start A Business, and this information could help you decide if that is a good idea for you. Also, in a previous post, I also gave you samples of what is covered.  In addition, I am translating portions of the class into Spanish.  More is provided on my other website:  My Persuasive Presentations, LLC.

Class – All You Need To Know About How To Start A Business

3 Ways To Purchase:

In-Person / Webinar / PDF or Outline

The class is an overview, which takes about an hour.

It is offered to individuals and to groups.

Purchase Option 1

My class  is offered as an in-person, Power Point presentation, which I will deliver, in English.  (It also can be done as a speech, if that meets your needs.)

We shall communicate first, by email or phone, to establish a date, time, location, ability to project the Power Point, etc. Typically, I do not charge for commuting time or expenses; however, that is dependent on location of event.  Once we have agreed upon the details, you will be able to return to this page to make payment through Pay Pal.  Alternatively, you can send me a Cashier’s Check or a check; and, once it has cleared, we can schedule the session.woman_teacher_helping_800_clr_12619


If you want me to deliver the presentation to a Spanish-speaking audience, I am happy to do so; but you will need to provide an interpreter.

Since there are many versions of Spanish, please choose an interpreter who can speak the language most common to the anticipated audience.

I shall provide extensive notes in Spanish to the participants. It will have links to help people do the follow up work on their own. That version of Spanish is a Microsoft-provided translation.

Purchase Option 2

My class also is offered as a Webinar, in which case you (the students) and I will talk first (via phone or email) to select a time and date to meet on-line.  Once we have agreed upon the details, you will be able to return to this page to make payment through Pay Pal.   Alternatively, you can send me a Cashier’s Check or a check; and, once it has cleared, we can schedule the session.laptop_hand_shake_400_clr_5893

I will email a link to the presentation, and I will guide you through the presentation, providing much more information than is on the Power Point slides.

After the webinar, I will email you an outline of the presentation and lots of notes and links, so that you can follow up on your own.

Purchase Option 3

The third way to purchase this presentation is to request only a PDF or outline version of the Power Point presentation, and the extensive notes and links which go with it.


I am collaborating with other professionals, one of whom will teach a class about Basic Business Writing; another of whom will teach either an overview or a full session class on Sales and Marketing.  A third person may teach how to incorporate videos into slide presentations and vice versa, or we may use someone with IT and SEOG skill sets.  Once we have synchronized our fees, I will post the prices via Pay Pal links on this website and on my other website for My Persuasive Presentations, LLC.  However, if you need the class before then, just contact me, and I shall be glad to arrange it for you!

Use the comment form below or GetWellStayWell at Outlook dot com.

Thanks, and

Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, and Live Well!