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Hello, People! If you clicked on “Calendar” before reading the main page, called Change Your Life Meetup Group, you might want to go there first to see what you get when you take one of my classes! Otherwise, how will you know if you want to attend? Here’s the link again.

The Calendar for my Change Your Life Meetup meetings began again in August, 2019. Please RSVP at Change Your Life (the Meetup site).  It is important to RSVP when you decide to come and to update your RSVP, if your plans change. This helps us ensure we have enough seating and enough handouts. There also may be a Wait List for people who want to attend, so please let us know if you no longer can be there. Thank you for your consideration.

Calendar for “OTHER” Meetings, Classes, and Events

Lots of people do not use Meetup, and there will be some events listed on this Calendar page that we do not run through Meetup. Stay tuned.

Female Smiley Face Winking about CalendarIf you have questions about content, want to make a suggestion for a topic, or want to book me for private classes or consultations (groups or individuals), please do contact me, and we shall “talk” via phone or email. Thank you.

Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, Live Well, and Change Our Lives Together Now!