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coffee break black white gold polkadots Elegant Style

Huge Variety of Styles For Your Presentations or Table Top Displays

“Off The Shelf” or Customized In PowerPoint and JPEG Formats

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baby in cap sleeping on yellow, orange, and blue towels words I think we need a break!

What If You’re Not Using a PowerPoint Presentation?

Infographic Breakfast Brunch and Tea - Then Start On Time

Even if your formal presentation does not include a PowerPoint segment, you can benefit from showing these ready-made JPEG or PowerPoint slides. They may announce breaks or other activities for all to see and, they might remind people of the time they are supposed to return to your next session. You also can use them to give participants other instructions, such as what the time limits and assignments are for breakout sessions.

Infographic for coffee break with lilacs and white tea service on black background

Want people to remember you? These popular infographics give new life, color, and a touch of class and/or humor to your presentations. Plus, they are super easy and convenient to use when you don’t have time to create your own.

What Might You Need to Enhance Your Presentation(s)?

Focus on the goal, not obstacles - handwriting on a napkin with a blue cup of espresso coffee

For a two-day workshop, presenters typically need some combination of:

  • 2 opening slides, which stay up while participants network and get their goodies before the opening session.
  • 2 or more ice breaker slides, to announce an exercise (and which could include the steps to the exercise, as well as the time allotment) to get the group relaxed and focused before speeches and presentations.
  • 4 coffee break slides (assuming 1 break in each morning and each afternoon session).
  • 2 lunch break slides.

1 or more “Free Time” or dinner break slides, depending on the agenda.


NOTE: all material in these infographics is copyrighted. You may use these items for your events only. You may not sell or otherwise distribute them because that is a violation of copyright laws. Either I took these photos, or I purchased the license to use them for my products only. Thank you for adhering to ethical and legal standards, so I don’t have to be mean to you.

Again, this project is under construction as I create a catalog of the many beautiful, sometimes humorous, PowerPoint and JPEG slides for you.

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