Conquering Imposter Syndrome – Low Self-Confidence? Asking for a Friend? Class

08/21/2019 @ 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM
The Rising Phoenix Holistic Center
9028 Prince William Street
Suite D, Manassas
Nancy Wyatt

Nancy Wyatt, teacher of class on Imposter SyndromeWhat Is Imposter Syndrome? Let’s Go to Class and Learn!

Do You Have Symptoms of Imposter Syndrome…that uncomfortable feeling that you are not as successful as people think you are or that you are undeserving of your success? LOTS AND LOTS OF PEOPLE SUFFER FROM THIS ANXIETY, so you are not strange, and you are not alone. 70% of folks suffer from this at some time according to one study. Experts think the number is even higher! More women than men experience this syndrome. The problem is NOT you. The problem is Imposter Syndrome in which people mask their feelings of insecurity. We’re going to learn about it plus some tips for feeling better and getting better!

You’re in good company with lots of other great people who feel “in over their heads.” Despite clear evidence of their talent, skills, or success, they think they’re over-rated and may feel like a fraud. Like many of us, they might feel they’re “making it up as they go along.” Some identify themselves as a perfectionist. They fear people will find out they’re not as talented or effective as they seem. They try to mask their insecurities. Blaming yourself for imperfections is counterproductive. Stop it! Let’s try better ways to fix it.

This class is an overview of the topic. I’ll provide general information for our discussion, but I’ll also give you references to experts in this subject matter if you want to explore further. For example, there is a test you can take online to see if you have the primary attributes of someone who experiences Imposter Syndrome.

Five Groups of People Most Likely to Suffer from Imposter Syndrome

We’re going to identify five groups of people who suffer from Imposter Syndrome. Then, we’ll explore some tips, tricks, and tools you can use to help yourself feel at ease with your accomplishments and confident about your future.

That brings me to the second point for you to realize, which is that – clearly – you ARE successful at whatever the issue is or you would not feel undeserving of your success! Think about it! So, let’s take off our masks and explore Imposter Syndrome in a safe, non-judgmental environment! (Note: the Wednesday “instant replay” of this class starts at 10:30 a.m.)

How Much Is This Class?

The class costs $40, payable in cash, by check (payable to My Persuasive Presentations), or by electronic funds transfer from your account to my phone number, which I’ll give you on-site at the class. Please RSVP on my Meetup site, so that we have the correct number of seats and handouts.
If you host me at your home or another venue, your tuition is free. Contact me to see if the space meets the requirements for classes.

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