Healy FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to Healy, Click Here to go to my main page on this subject and learn all about it. Also, please go to the HealyWorld site for the answers to many standard questions. What I am listing below are questions I had before I was willing to purchase the Resonance and some commonly asked questions from others.  Click Here for the HealyWorld answers to many of your questions.

For example: Can I answer a call on my smartphone if the program is running or will this interrupt the program?
Yes, you can! The program is running on the Healy, not on your smartphone; the latter is only used to tell Healy which program to run. So once the program is transmitted to Healy and started (and the intensity is adjusted), the smartphone is no longer required.

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Questions About the HealAdvisor App

Do I have to purchase Healy before I can use the HealAdvisor App?

To use the HealAdvisor App, you need to own a Healy device. To be more specific, you need to have a Healy World account with which you can log into the App. Other than that, owning a Healy is only required when you want to start the recommended programs on it directly from the HealAdvisor App. When you press “Start Program“ on the HealAdvisor App, it will start the Healy App which will select the program for you. To use most of the functions of the App (almost everything besides starting any of the programs) you won’t need to have a Healy device on you. In this sense, someone with an Account and the purchased subscription can use the HealAdvisor App without the Healy device next to them.

Can I connect the Healy device to both Healy App and HealAdvisor Analyse App at the same time?

It is possible to connect the Healy device to only one of these two Apps at the same time on your smartphone. It can’t communicate with both of the Apps at the same time, just like it can’t be used on two different smartphones at the same time.

If your Healy device is already connected to one of these Apps, but you want to connect it to the other one, the App to which it is connected to already needs to be closed before trying to connect the Healy to the other App.

How is the database of the HealAdvisor App updated?

All new content of the HealAdvsior database is updated in the HealAdvisor app in real-time if you have an internet connection. This means you don’t need to exit the App in order for this step to be successful. It will happen automatically and it will be a silent update. However, changes in the functionality and design of the App itself will require an update on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

How do I change my Healy Edition?