Healy for Animal Health

We’ll tell you how Healy Helps Animals, as well as Humans; but, right now, this page is under construction. Come back soon. I’m working on it! (There are a couple of videos  and a little more info below to get you started.)

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Healy Helps Animals with

Programs Designed Specifically for Animals

Healy Helps Animals - programs just for animals

Some of the animals that have benefited from Healy are not just “ordinary” animals, they are professional Show Horses.

Here is a video example of one in use.

video icon pointing to link for Life Coach     Click Here   This dog loved Healy!


video icon pointing to link for Life Coach

Click Here     Details about the Healy programs especially for animals


Zoom Session Healy World & Animals

Here is a    l-o-n-g     video discussion by people who have been using Healy on both humans and animals. Get your coffee, tea, or smoothie – relax – learn – and enjoy.



For How Healy Helps Horses remotely, Click Here.

head shot of a smiling Nancy Wyatt after Healy helped

Step By Step Video

Contact me to learn more (after I do, too!) about using Healy to Help Animals at GetWellStayWell@Outlook.com. I’ll get the answers to our questions! Put “Healy to Help Animals” in the subject line, please.

If you want to know about Healy for Humans, Click Here.

Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, and Live Well – Together With Our Animals!