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Testimonial – Nancy Wyatt – Healy Helped Severe Leg Pain and Knee Arthritis

head shot of a smiling Nancy Wyatt after Healy helpedThe following are comments about How Healy Has Helped. They are my experiences after I purchased and began using the Healy in mid-January, 2021. The Healy is FDA cleared as a Class 2 medical device for addressing acute, chronic, and arthritic pain, as well as easing muscle soreness following exertion. To learn all about it on this website, Click Here.

Jan. 11, 2021 ~ I’ve been dealing with severe leg pain since I contracted Lyme Disease in 2017.  (It is now 2021.) Doctors have tested, x-rayed, and guessed, but none has been able to help. Two days ago, I could not take even a single step without excruciating pain and the sense the leg would buckle causing me to fall. That same pain awakens me or prevents sleep throughout each night.

At 77 years old, I have stairs to climb. I must do all the maintenance work in both house and yard, including snow removal. When every single step involves severe pain and the sensation the leg is going to collapse, it is an issue.

After 2 1/2 Healy sessions, I can feel almost no pain and can walk normally. I know that I’m walking normally, because I don’t have to put ANY conscious effort into taking each step. I now walk without even thinking about walking.

Of course, the underlying cause is not yet solved, and I’ll have to do more. However, after four years of unremitting pain, the purchase of my Healy would have been worth it, even if it never helped me again. But, we know it WILL help me again as I explore more of the programs.


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