How I Improved My Eyesight with Redox Signaling Molecules

Generation of woman from infants to seniors. Baby, child, teenager, student, business woman, adult and senior woman. Realistic images isolated on white background.Hello, Health and Wellness Seekers! Most people believe that, as a person ages, eyesight WILL get worse. Instead, I have learned that eyesight can be improved, and I’m no “Spring Chicken,” as the saying goes! You can use several tools, ranging from creative visualization and hypnosis to Redox signaling molecules found in ASEA, as well as eye exercises and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT / “tapping”). So, let me tell you a story about one of these and about Renu28.

Macular Degeneration

person wearing vision test eye gogglesMy mother had macular degeneration. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of severe and seemingly irreversible vision loss in people over age 60. One may not notice eyesight symptoms in the early stages. Later, the first sign is either a gradual or a sudden change in the quality of vision. Straight lines may appear distorted. Other symptoms include dark, blurry areas or whiteout that appears in the center of your vision. In rare cases, you may have a change in your perception of color.

woman's glasses on an eye chartMom’s case was so severe that it, in effect, made her blind. Every image she saw was distorted. She said it was like looking at a Picasso painting when she saw a person’s face. An eye would be where a mouth should be, or the face would be twisted with a black hole in the middle. She could no longer engage in her passions: reading, knitting, playing card games or driving. One of my younger sisters has AMD symptoms. When I learned that in 2012, I became anxious enough to go to an ophthalmologist for testing. Tests showed that my maculars are in good shape. But then, I had major drama.

Eyesight Complications

OMG - Oh My God symbol re eyesightI did not have AMD, but the ophthalmologist said I was in danger of having a different condition which also leads to blindness. She said I had to be tested every six months. On my next visit, my tests indicated greatly increased peril. The test “score” went up to a high level of severity. One more “point,” and I’d have gone over the top into dis-ease range. But then, the Rescue happened!

Help Was On The Way for Improving My Eyesight!

In a social networking group, I became friends with a woman who introduced me to ASEA. It is a solution (drink) containing trillions of Redox signaling molecules in a saline solution. The action and effects of Redox signaling molecules are being studied extensively by bio-scientists throughout the world per PubMed, which is the site for physicians and medical researchers to explore the latest in scientific endeavors. In fact, there were 17,446 studies being conducted the last time I looked it up.

ASEA 4 bottles and a spray bottleIn plain English, the ASEA drink is an exact replica of how the immune system works in every living thing (human, animal, plant, insect, etc.). It is, in effect, your immune system in a bottle.

As a holistic healer for about 30 years, I was very open to the possibilities, knowing that the immune system comes to the rescue of any and all things that have gone awry in the body. I also know that we lose about 10% of our immune system effectiveness with each decade of life after about age 12. So, if a person is 60, he or she has reduced immune system capacity by about 50% compared with what it was in childhood! That’s why we age and do not recover as quickly from injury or illness as we did when we were kids. NOTE: ASEA does not cure any illness. It merely enhances the body’s ability to help itself.

ASEA has been beneficial to me in many ways, but I’ll just share my eyesight story with you first. Later, if you want to learn more via this website, you can click on this link.  If you want to go directly to my own ASEA webpage for much more info, click here. I’ll share these links again after telling you my tale of success.

What Happened Next?

blue eye dropper bottleBottle and spray bottle of ASEAI started drinking ASEA (2 oz. in the morning and again in the evening on an empty stomach). I also used it as eyedrops to boost my immune system response, which is  to repair or replace damaged cells.

woman and eye chart on backgroundThen, I went back for my six-month checkup. Amazingly, all the eyesight tests for that dangerous condition came back in the “normal” range, and the scores have been in the low or middle range of normalcy ever since.

smiley face in triangular hat, blowing on a party favor with confetti all aroundI’m writing about it now because I’ve just had another checkup. I am SO HAPPY that my ophthalmologist – for the 3rd year in a row – again has decided I no longer need semi-annual checkups, am out of danger, and can simply return for routine exams annually.

What Happens If You Google It?

smiley face laughing so hard it criesThat ophthalmologist literally mocked me the when I mentioned using ASEA was the only thing I had done differently since last seeing her!

Her assistant Googled the term, ASEA. Of course, the first thing she saw was the post that is done by paid bloggers, who debunk this product (and many other non-pharmaceutical products). They auto-post constantly throughout every day so that their post shows up first in any search.

laughing smiley face with tongue stuck outDo you believe it? That doctor and her assistant literally laughed at and ridiculed me (very unprofessional). However, at my next visit, the doc no longer was laughing. She said she now has several patients who use ASEA and they “swear by it.” Now, I have “the last laugh!” Makes me wanna say, “Na-na-na-na Na na!” like I was five years old!

How I Used It For Eyesight and What Else Is New With ASEA

In terms of amount and frequency, I have been using the typical 2 oz. a.m. and p.m. and was either spraying or using an eyedropper a couple of times a day. (If I had a major condition or were truly “run down,” I’d take a larger amount.)

illustration of floaters - dark spots which can impair visionThose “floaters” went away, too. That is, until I had cataract surgery, after which they came back, so I have to start spraying and using the eye dropper again.


Reminder: ASEA does not cure illness. It works at the molecular level to boost the body’s own immune system, so the body can repair or replace cells. It can do that because it is identical to our body’s native immune system functioning which uses Redox signaling molecules in an identical saline solution.

Renu28 – Redox Signaling Molecules Now Available In a Gel for the Skin!

Renu28 tube and blue packageSeveral other conditions changed for the better, too, but I’ll save those details for another time. In addition, ASEA developed a new product, which is ASEA in gel form for external use. It’s called Renu28, because of the changes that people experienced within 28 days during product testing. The truth is I’ve seen people with clear results much faster than that! But, 28 days is a good test, since the skin renews itself naturally in about that amount of time.

Picture of changes in aging neck before and after using Renu28

People take before and after pictures to demonstrate how it helps skin look younger or rebound from skin conditions. Here’s a little video to show you what I mean.

Again, if you want to learn more via this website, you can click on this link.  I have written other posts about the benefits I’ve experienced, which can be found in the archives here.

I Love It Enough To Sell It, But I Never Pressure You!

After having wonderful experiences with the products, I became a distributor for ASEA. But, that means I can sell it if you want it. I am not an aggressive sales person. I can educate you. Then, you decide for yourself if you want to give the drink a fair trial of 3 months, and Renu28 a fair trial of 28 days.

If you want to go directly to my own ASEA webpage for much more info and to learn about the science, the founders, and new products, click here. That’s also where you can purchase the products in 3 different ways, two of which give you the wholesale prices. I’d be happy to answer your questions first, and it would be good for us to talk first, if you want to try it. My name is Nancy Wyatt, and my Associate ID number is 1500102942.

Talk To Me! laughing smiley face with tongue stuck out

I hope you enjoyed learning about this. I’d love to hear your stories if you have tried these or other options for improving eyesight! Specifically, if you have experienced a change in macular degeneration, I hope you’ll send me a message and tell me about it!



I am not a physician. I do not diagnose or treat illnesses. ASEA and I make no medical claims that ASEA or any other product or service heals disease. Before trying any options, check with your medical health care provider for advice.

Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, Live Well, and Change Our Lives Together Now!

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