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My Lyme Story – In Brief

profile of woman in headscarf - looking down - ready for changeImagine my surprise upon waking one morning when I felt pain and a sense of paralysis in arms and legs. Instinctively, I jolted them into action, just to see if they would move. The forcing worked, so I sat up and discovered two insect bites on my left leg. One was at knee level and the other on my ankle. The knee was hugely swollen and had pockets of fluid in the area. It would not bend easily, completely, and without pain. In fact, there was pain throughout my body, and revolving pockets of swelling showed up in various joint areas over the next few weeks.

I didn’t think too much about it, since I could see no evidence of the presence of ticks, and I thought there was an equal possibility the bites were from a spider. Of course, animals carry ticks, which carry Lyme Disease.  Yes, I have four – as in 4 – Indoor/Outdoor rescue cats. However, I had been sleeping in a room which is off limits to them.

stick figure sitting with head in handSo, in typical holistic healer fashion, I did nothing about it. My days in July were consumed with visits from my Internet Service Provider as they tried everything they could think of to fix interconnectivity issues. I also was creating and teaching the last of my Fall classes. When I finally did go to a doctor, we concluded that – if it were going to kill me, I’d already be dead. We did no blood tests, and I got no prescriptions. That was a big mistake, so my first point to you is to see a physician immediately and request blood tests when you discover an insect bite.

person helping another person with caneTwo months later, the pain was increasing, and I still could not bend my leg to get into or out of bed, a car, or a chair. Then, I did get blood tests which showed I have a “really, really, really, really bad” case of Lyme, and the doctor prescribed Doxycycline. A number of people wanted to know what additional things I would do, as a holistic healer, so I started a Facebook page which is only about that topic. See this link to follow the conversation as I add more details or ideas over time.

Things To Do

Here is a summary of things I’m trying, along with the Doxycycline. NOTE: I am not diagnosing or prescribing any treatments of any kind. You should contact your health provider about ancillary activities in which you engage. I did that, and my doctor is supportive of each of the things I’m listing below. Again, get blood tests to find out if you have Lyme. I had not known it is “incurable,” and that a person ostensibly will test positive for Lyme for the rest of life. But, you can control symptoms.

Medications and Countermeasures for Lyme Disease

  1. According to two of my most respected physicians, Doxycycline is the most effective pharmaceutical drug.
    1. It can have horrific side effects, and I was terrified to take it; but, in my case the side effects were minimal.
    2. I asked for it in syrup form, initially, to aid in quick absorption. Later, I found the pills much easier to deal with (and more transportable for “road warriors” like me).
    3. It must be taken with food, so timing meals 12 hours apart must be planned.
  2. Antibiotics typically kill both good and bad bacteria in the body. We must offset them in order to have our digestive and immune systems work properly. Therefore, I made up the following regimen.
    1. Wake up and drink a cup of hot water to cleanse residues from the body.
    2. Drink 4 oz. of ASEA (more about that later) and wait 5 minutes before eating.
    3. Eat breakfast and take Doxycycline.
    4. At Mid-morning, take a probiotic pill with a cup of Activia.
    5. Take another probiotic with lunch.
    6. Take another probiotic 2 hours before dinner.
    7. Eat dinner and take the antibiotic.
    8. Eat no food for x hours before going to bed and drink 4 oz. of ASEA at bedtime.

Physical Exercise Options for Lyme Disease

  1. You need both strength training and aerobic exercise. Since I could not do traditional aerobic exercises, I chose to use the chi machine to get oxygen, blood, and lymph flowing, nurturing, and cleansing my body. It was very helpful in removing pockets of fluid and other obstacles created by the Lyme Disease. It is so easy to lie on the carpet and let the machine do the work. Ideally, you should have someone with you to help you get down and up easily.
  2. For strength training, I use free weights for upper body. I did my own “physical therapy” working daily and gently on my knee and left leg to get them to function more normally. Once I could get the knee to bend, I started using my “Perfect 10” exercise equipment to add weights at the ankle as I bent and straightened the leg from a sitting position.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Options for Lyme Disease

  • I’ve also been sleeping on my Amethyst Biomat each night to aid in the circulation of blood, oxygen, and lymph.
  • I contacted Reverend Sandy Young, who did a Voice Print Analysis for me to see what sound wave energy frequencies I need to counteract the effect of Lyme and/or of the medication. Both Lyme and the medications can affect eyesight, so she gave me the Lyme “reciprocal” and frequencies for eyes, as well as suggesting I take beta-carotene supplements and foods.
  • I had a consultation with a doTerra representative and got some essential oils to try.
  • I’m taking Univera products for both cleansing the system and for aid in joint repair. (It’s called ReginiCare.)

What’s Next?

Because this blog now is much too long, I’ll do follow up blogs to describe the alternative methods and their results in future posts. Meanwhile, if you have suggestions about things that have worked for overcoming the symptoms of Lyme Disease, I’d love to hear about them.

I’m doing very well.  I’m still working 8 – 10 hour days, as I have been throughout this process (but I sometimes need a nap midway through). I’m almost able to stand and move normally and no longer have to pick up my left leg to drag it into and out of a vehicle. Most of the swelling is gone, and I am through taking the medication, Doxycycline. I shall continue with several of the alternative treatments and report back to you soon. Meanwhile,….

Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, Live Well and Change Our Lives Together Now!

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