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On the menu for this page, you can find submenus about the definitions of basic writing, editing, and reviewing services.  However, I provide these services for your publications, websites, flyers, correspondence, business plans, etc. under my other website and my business name, My Persuasive Presentations, LLC. You can find a million details there.  I mention these services on My Get Well Guru because many metaphysics and holistic healing practitioners need help with content writing, editing, or simply a review and critique. Some are writing a book. Some are trying to maintain quality content on their websites. Some need classes on the basics. I offer those services to you because, when I help you, I already know about holistic healing modalities, businesses, as well as being a writer/editor and teacher/trainer. I can add experience and understanding to our projects.

Nancy Wyatt’s Publications

Here is the link for my Amazon Author’s Page, where you can get my book in Kindle or paperback form.

See sub-menu for my own publications, including

Three Hots and a Cot book cover dark silhouette of a man against orange sky, as he faces homelessness, addiction, and AIDS.

Three Hots and a Cot, Stories of Courage from People Struggling with Homelessness, Addiction, and AIDS.

(a playbook available on my business website, My Persuasive Presentations, LLC,  and a book on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats.

Some of my very short writings were selected for use as a contributing author to an anthology, compiled by Write by the Rails (WbtR), the Prince William Chapter of The Virginia Writer’s Club. Why were the writings short?

WbtR conducted a three-month campaign designed to bring creativity to social media.  We created Twitter-friendly writings, meaning the submissions had to be within the confines of the number of characters allowed for Tweets, including hashtags.

Other challenges were to write a concept which could be encompassed in #NineWords, for example. The initiative elicited hundreds of short poems, lines of fiction, anecdotes and words of wisdom, many of which can be found on Facebook and Twitter under the campaign hashtags #WbtR #BackOnTrackNow.

From those submissions, a panel of judges chose the works of 22 authors for inclusion in this unique book. For more information about the anthology, go to  #BackOnTrackNow: A Write by the Rails Anthology and Social Media Initiative.

To purchase it in paperback and Kindle formats, click on this link.>

#BackOnTrackNow: A Write by the Rails Anthology and Social Media Initiative K

sRailroad Crossing Sign on bookcover for Write by the Rails

Now, let’s do YOURS!


I also created a number of newsletter publications about holistic healing modalities and metaphysics. I am making the archives of those newsletters available to all.

Do It the Write Way! Let My Fingers Do Your Talking!