Stress Less and Be Healthy Through Gardening

One Plant or a Thousand Can Help You Stress Less and Be Healthy Through Gardening.

We’re mentioning types of gardens and talking about both mental and physical health benefits related to any style of gardening. red and yellow begonias, My Get Well GuruYou don’t have to be a Master Gardener to benefit physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually from working with plants. There may even be value for Alzheimer’s patients and for people suffering from depression. Interestingly, PsychCentral (famous for its personality type tests) mentions gardening in its article, 10 Small Steps You Can Take Today To Improve Bipolar Disorder.

Red Maple BonsaiWhether you have one orchid, a Japanese garden, an English Country Garden, a terrarium, a bonsai plant, or pots in a window sill, gardening can help you feel better fast – at any age.

terrarium gardening. plants in a bowlMaybe you have an indoor or outdoor aeroponic garden, or you want to create a veggie Tower Garden, which allows you to avoid having to dig, weed, use pesticides and mulch. You could choose a cactus dish garden, a water garden or a table top garden.

gardening, blue butterflies on orange flower Perhaps, you want to attract birds, bees, or butterflies. There are so many options.

We’ll discuss the mental and physical health benefits of gardening in just a hot minute. But, first, here is a very short  tribute to someone who has been an uplifting blessing in my life for years.

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