Will Your Health Insurance Pay?

Will Your Health Insurance Pay?  What IF…running_with_injured_person_500_clr_7103

What If Your Status At A Hospital Is “Under Observation” – Versus “In-Patient?”

Not Funny!

Not Funny!

This is just a short post.  I was SHOCKED to learn that Medicare and some other insurance WILL NOT PAY for your medical bills, if you are hospitalized, and the staff uses the term “Under Observation” or “Observation Status”  in your records, rather than having admitted you in the status “In-Patient.”

Will YOUR Health Insurance Pay?  This could cost you thousands of dollars, and you may not know about it in advance.  In fact, according to the news report about this, even your physician and other health care providers may be unaware of this.  Therefore, it is your responsibility – or that of the person who has Power of Attorney over you in health care decisions to insist that you be admitted as an In-Patient, if you are going to be kept for any long time period.

Thus, I publish this as an educational note and a forewarning.  Please share it with your family and friends, so they do not get caught in this trap.  (Even young people get sick, get into accidents, are injured in sports, get pregnant,  etcetera; so, it can affect anyone.)

Thank you for sharing!

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