Zoom Infographics

Seeking Suggestions for Zoom Infographics

I posted this short video on one of my Facebook pages, with this introduction. “I’m creating infographics for Zoom presenters to use + what I learned when I tried to do two things at once – with a camera. Tip 4 U – it won’t work, if you try it. LOL”

Examples of Infographics for Zoom and Other Online Venues

Zoom Infographic - Please Wait

This first infographic could be left on the screen while a presenter is working “behind the scenes” to let participants access Zoom or to arrange the notes and items needed once the meeting is started. That way, people coming online will know that, yes, they’re in the right place, and the host will be back soon. (I’ll make some that are less feminine in appearance, so there will be a selection from which to choose.)

Of course, there are other times in a presentation when a “Please Wait. I’ll Be Right Back” message is appropriate.

Zoom Infographic - Please Wait Technology

This infographic (and others like it) are great for use when technology goes ka-blooey (the technical term), and you would like to get it fixed behind the scenes while giving the participants something amusing to fill the awkward time.

What Infographics Might You Need to Enhance Your Presentation(s)?

Focus on the goal, not obstacles - handwriting on a napkin with a blue cup of espresso coffee

For a two-day workshop, presenters typically need some combination of:

  • 2 opening slides, which stay up while participants network and get their goodies before the opening session.
  • 2 or more ice breaker slides, to announce an exercise (and which could include the steps to the exercise, as well as the time allotment) to get the group relaxed and focused before speeches and presentations.
  • 4 coffee break slides (assuming 1 break in each morning and each afternoon session).
  • 2 lunch break slides.
  • 1 or more “Free Time” or dinner break slides, depending on the agenda.

You can go to my website for much more info. MyPersuasivePresentations.com. If you just want a couple more examples first, keep scrolling. Continue Reading →