Stress Release Back, Neck, and Shoulders

Stress Release In Under Three Minutes and Free!

You can achieve stress release easily for those of you who carry tension in your back, neck, and shoulders.  This is great for people who sit a lot, work at computers constantly, or who do lots of activities requiring bending from the waist or neck. too much computer work results in the need for stress release

They are easy to do, and you will gain flexibility if you continue to do them one or more times a day. You can get relief in less than three minutes! Here is a short demonstration.

What if it comes back and you forgot where you saw this demonstration? I’ve got you covered!

stress release of pain in the upper back and shoulder area unhappy smiley face with thumbs downstress release of pain in the neck





To ensure you can always find it again, without coming back to this post, here is the YouTube link.

Stress Release Using Holistic Healing and Counseling

In the video, I refer to sessions that people book for healing in absentia. To learn more about my ‘summer of the pandemic’ reduced prices, Click Here. You don’t have to do anything except to keep on breathing. I do all the work. For the summer, the prices are drastically reduced, which enables people to have more sessions.

The feedback I’ve been getting is wonderful! Here are a couple of testimonials that describe what it’s like to have a healing session in absentia and in person. The first one is from a client in California (I live in Virginia).  During the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve been doing Reiki and other healing modalities for her “in absentia.” That means, we are not together, and I do not see her at the time of the session. This one is from July 2020.

Testimonial for In Absentia (“Distance”) Healing  Sessions

“I have always been aa firm believer in holistic health and wellness. I had been receiving treatment for PTSD brought on my a car accident. Before I could complete my face-to-face treatment, the Covid-19 pandemic hit and everything came to a stop. I was no longer able to do the follow-up treatments of acupuncture and Reiki as I had planned.
I knew Nancy was skilled in several modalities of holistic healing and hypnotherapy, but I didn’t see a way to make use of her services given that she is on the east coast and I live on the west coast.
During one of our daily chats she mentioned that she was doing distance Reiki with another person. That was music to my ears and an answer to the dilemma that I was experiencing. The pandemic had shutdown my access to holistic treatment for PTSD and I wasn’t able to get restful sleep or maintain emotional balance.
I immediately inquired about enrolling for distance treatment. Happily she agreed and I am so grateful. It is a wonderful feeling to wake up calm and relaxed. Not only that but to go to bed with back and shoulder pain and wake up free to stretch and feel invigorated is so freeing. I haven’t experienced such a feeling of calm and wellbeing since the auto accIdent last September.
No more hanging on the side of my bed wondering if I have enough strength and stamina to get moving.
This wonderful woman has also touched on some of my emotional challenges that I never even mentioned. Before I could tell her about them, she was explaining to me her “sense” of what she experienced in session that paralleled my emotional and spiritual condition.
I am so glad I gave myself this gift of healing. Thank you, Nancy.”

Testimonial for In-Person Holistic Healing Sessions

Next, is one from Sharon Wright, Ph. D., who was my client for years and who knows me by my name, “Ayanna.” Our sessions were done in person.

     I have known Ayanna since 1986, when I first met her as her client for Reiki work. She worked with me to help me recover from back and neck injuries, stress related illness, and fatigue.

     Ayanna is a compassionate intuitive, intellectual where she excels in understanding the whole individual to get to the root of complex problems.

She is rigorous in her own exploration of holistic and spiritual development, emotional healing, experiential work, relationships and group dynamics. Through her own life experiences, triumphs as well as losses, she gives her unique perspective on spirituality and the human journey. Ayanna is comfortable and adept at weaving her spiritual strengths into her ability to empathize while maintaining a professional distance. She has shown an enduring dedication toward self-study, focus and ongoing personal and professional development.

The World Famous Chi Machine

Sun Ancon Chi machine helps with circulation

Of course, there are other ways to relax and relieve stress. This one is for the entire body, and it aerobicizes you at the same time. It is the world-famous, original chi machine. Five minutes of lying on the floor while the chi machine sways you is equivalent to a half-hour walk. To learn more, Click Here. Yes, I do sell these and will be happy to answer your questions. However, the primary purpose of this post is to give you the freebie demonstration of how to gain stress release through simple movements which cost you nothing!

Let’s Get Well,  Stay Well, and Live Well Together Now!