Zoom – Coaching & Counseling – How It Works

Coaching and Counseling via Zoom

Illustration of a Zoom meeting by Lynn KurtzWhy Zoom? It’s because of the pandemic, of course, but it’s also because I choose to serve people from all walks of life, races, religions, and ethnicities throughout the USA and the world! Although I greatly prefer meeting people in-person, the truth is that most of what I do works very well in Zoom sessions where we can see each other. I’ve worked with clients in all parts of the country and have gotten “rave reviews” for my insights and techniques even though we’ve never met one another face to face!

Zoom Is So Easy to Use!

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It is so easy to talk on Zoom. I do all the work! I’ll create and email the invitation. All you have to do is click on the link at the appointed day and time, and we should be “in action” instantly.

We Can Record It if You Wish

microphone with sign saying "RECORDING"When we meet on Zoom, we can record the session, and I’ll send the video to you, so you can review it whenever you want to. (You’ll have to remind me to start recording, since I do not record most of the other work I do on Zoom.)

Other Goodies for Coaching & Counseling Clients

Image of a meditation setting. We can even meditate on Zoom!If I create a meditation or HypnoMeditation for you after our talk, I’ll also send you the script text (and the video if I’ve made one).

Nancy in headphones recording a meditation after a Zoom session

  • Some people want to record the scripts in their own voices for replaying.
  • Most of my clients use those videos repeatedly (while awake or asleep) to calm them and reinforce the healing and personal growth processes.

By the way, I create many other kinds of scripts and writing products, too, as you can see on my other website for my company, My Persuasive Presentations, LLC. 

Make an Investment in your Emotional Well-Being

See the chart of price options for Coaching and Counseling below. There is a base charge. Then, you have options to continue talking after one hour at a prorated amount, if time and circumstance allow. But first ….

The Sip & Share sessions are the least formal, and the minimum is 15 minutes for $15.

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“Regular” Coaching & Counseling Sessions on Zoom

For the more formal Coaching and Counseling sessions, the base time is one hour at $150 if you buy individual sessions. That is the most expensive of the options.

For people who want to make lasting changes or to overcome long-standing issues, you need to commit to at least three (preferably five) sessions. Progress usually is a process, not a single event. It is true that miracles happen. I’ve experienced them myself and with my clients. However, they are considered miracles, because they are the rare exception, rather than the rule.

Get A Reduced Price When You Purchase a Package

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You get a reduced rate per hour when you purchase a “package” or put me on retainer, rather than relying on individually booked sessions one at a time. You can give yourself the gift of support over time, with substantial savings when you choose one of the packages.

How to Pay for Coaching & Counseling Zoom Sessions

You can pay securely by transferring funds to an email address or phone number that I’ll give to you. They allow PayPal, your bank, or your credit card company to transfer the payments directly to my account.

Once the funds have cleared, we’ll schedule the sessions.PayPal logo for HypnoMeditations

Zelle logo for electronic payments for HypnoMeditations

Single Zoom Sessions & Package Options

Single Sessions

A single Zoom session is $150 for 60 minutes. Packages are available for 3, 6, 9, 12, or 18 sessions at substantial savings @ $100 per session.

Special Arrangements

Some people prefer shorter sessions or purchasing a group of sessions that can be used, as needed, rather than being scheduled within the specific time period listed in an agreement. I am always happy to discuss various options to meet your needs. If you were to purchase a package of “as-needed sessions,” the full payment would be required upfront.

Standard Coaching & Counseling Price Options

Zoom Counseling and Coaching Packages

How To Get Started

Just contact me and we’ll set up a time for the free chat. Email GetWellStayWell@Outlook.com and put “Zoom Coaching Inquiry” or “Zoom Counseling Inquiry” in the subject line.


Nancy (Ayanna) Wyatt - Zoom Consultant

Question: “What if I’m not sure at the beginning whether I want to purchase one of the packages?”

That is fine. You can pay for the first session individually; but, if you decide you then want it to be a part of a package, the balance can be paid before the second session, and you still will get the discounted price for the package.

Question: “What if I book a package at my first session and then decide not to continue?”

We shall have signed a contract for the packages, and the terms of that contract apply. If the conditions that caused you to change your mind do not meet the terms for violating the contract, you have a couple of options.

  • Your credit with me does not expire.
  • Either you can book sessions, as needed in the future, until the funds have been used, or
  • You could apply the funds toward another of my services (including writing and editing services, classes, etc.), or
  • As a gift, you can transfer the session to other people if you want to use it that way.

Please be assured that any refund requests are open to discussion and you will always be treated fairly and respectfully by me.

Question: “Do you take insurance?”

No. I’m sorry, but that is not an option for me. Like most alternative care practitioners, I am not in the category to be an insurance provider.

Question: “How do we continue after the first package of sessions?”

You have choices. Many people choose to extend or renew the package they selected in order to continue with regular sessions. That usually is because, once we’ve solved one issue, we’ve discovered underlying beliefs or emotions to address. We can accomplish much more with sessions over time. We’ll discuss what seems best for you in terms of how many additional sessions you may want.

The second option is to pay by individual sessions, as needed; but you only get the discounts with the package agreements.

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For questions or comments, email GetWellStayWell@Outlook.com and put “Zoom Coaching Inquiry” or “Zoom Counseling Inquiry” in the subject line.


Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, and Live Well!