Alkaline Versus Acidic Foods – Why Should You Care?

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Why does it matter if your eating habits include more acidic than alkaline foods or if you combine foods in a way that creates acidity in your body? Sorry to break the news or to remind you of things you’d rather not know! On the other hand, according to WebMD, emphasizing alkalinity in your food selections may greatly improve your life. It can enhance your health and may infuse you with new energy.  Deepak Chopra, M.D. adds, “Eat a plant-based diet – which acts like prebiotics and probiotics in the gut.”

A number of “dis-eases” (like cancer and inflammation-based conditions) cannot thrive in an alkaline environment. They do thrive in acidic environments, and the traditional American diet, combined with our fast food eating habits, is highly acidic.

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You might even be able to reverse illness by a simple change of approach to eating. I’m not trying to sell you anything. The purpose of this blog is to give you basic info and also refer you to nutrition experts and resources. Read more to see if you care. 🙂

There Are Carbs and Then There Are Carbs

Not all carbohydrates are created equal.

  • Vegetables are considered to be carbs.
  • Pie crust and bread are considered to be carbs.
  • Their impacts on your body and health are not the same.

Get it? In food combinations, it is okay to combine proteins with vegetables. It is okay to combine carbohydrates with vegetables. You’re just advised not to combine proteins (meat, etc.) with flour-produced carbs or rice.

symbol of organic food - alkalineRemember this paraphrased saying. If it is plant-based (as in manufactured in a production facility), avoid it. If it is plant-based (as in an edible fruit or vegetable, grown in soil or by hydroponics, etc.) it should provide nutrition. Of course, organically-grown produce does not contain pesticides and other harmful chemicals. But, we’ll reserve that topic for another day.

Food Combining – Alkaline vs. Acidic

Seafood on dark tableMost traditional meals violate the “rule of thumb,’ which states that one should not mix proteins and carbohydrates in the same meal. That “rule” refers to the fact that opposing digestive juices are required for proteins versus carbs. To combine them is to start a war in your tummy. If you eat this delicious seafood with garlic bread, you have started the first skirmish in your digestive system.

More Examples of Alkaline versus Acidic


  • Eggs, toast, grits, and hash browns. Plus, you might drink milk, coffee, and orange juice in that same meal! (Milk and more citric drinks argue loudly.)
  • In fact, if you think about it, combining milk (protein) with cereal (carb) is an issue by itself.
  • Sandwiches that contain meat or other proteins “sandwiched” by slices of bread.

Picnics and Thanksgiving

Typical picnic food and Thanksgiving fare are among the worst.

  • Watermelon is a fruit that digests in about 20 minutes and should be eaten first. At picnics, we usually eat it after inhaling a massive wall of deviled eggs, chicken, hamburgers, and hot dogs, with buns, potato salad,  and macaroni and cheese.
  • All the dishes, eaten before watermelon, take much longer to digest. When watermelon is eaten last or right before other desserts, it is sitting in your system – “backed up.” No wonder your gut pooches out, and you feel uncomfortable.
  • Turkey, combined with sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, bread-based stuffing, and cranberry sauce…not to mention dessert(s)…

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We Need BALANCE Between Alkaline vs. Acidic Foods

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Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Much of this conversation is based on the teachings of Dr. Joel Fuhrman, who is busy trying to save our lives by having us eat properly.  You may have seen his programs on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).  He has developed an Eat To Live cookbook for our benefit.

Edgar Cayce

The world-famous psychic healer, Edgar Cayce, founded the Association for Research and Enlightenment, in Virginia Beach. He did thousands of successful readings to help people heal themselves of illness through non-pharmaceutical means. Cayce recognized the connections among body, mind, and spirit. He also talked about a number of dis-eases, and he offered corresponding solutions being found in a proper diet.

Example Relating to Sinusitis

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“Because sinusitis can involve both local and systemic aspects, the Cayce approach utilizes a variety of diverse therapies to improve digestion, assimilation, elimination, relaxation, and circulation while encouraging a positive attitude and spiritual focus. Here are some general therapeutic guidelines for persons suffering from sinusitis:

DIET: The Basic Cayce Diet is intended to improve assimilation and elimination. The diet focuses heavily on keeping a proper alkaline/acid balance while avoiding foods which produce toxicity and drain the system. Essentially, the diet consists mainly of fruits and vegetables while avoiding fried foods and refined carbohydrates (“junk food”). Certain food combinations are emphasized.”

Castor Oil

Just a note: Edgar Cayce also recommended castor oil as a treatment for many symptoms of illness, and it works wonders on the skin also. Click here to see my beautiful friend’s beauty regimen, which includes castor oil as an ingredient.

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I hope this helps explain how alkaline versus acidic foods and food combinations affect your health and wellness.

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