Sleep Like A Baby

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Sleep Like A Baby

This is a highly successful, guided meditation by Nancy Wyatt.

Sleep Like A Baby was first was published in 1996. The 2nd edition became available in December 2014 with new music by world-famous Reiki Master, Jamie Llewellyn.  Here is a sample of his music, blessed by Reiki energy.

I created the newest edition of Sleep Like A Baby under my company name, My Persuasive Presentations, LLC, so that is where you can buy it when you CLICK HERE. You’ll also find a full description of the global outlets (like Amazon, Spotify, and iTunes +++) which are selling MP3 downlinks. Your other option – available only on my own website, is to buy MP3 files, wav files, or CDs of Sleep Like A Baby directly from me. (Note: wav files are much better quality than MP3’s.) You can purchase via PayPal. Once I receive notice of payment and the required information, I’ll mail a CD or send you a link to a downloadable file, per whatever you ordered.

Sleep Like A Baby comes with and without music. Click Here for a full description of the content. and that is where you purchase either downloads or CDs, I won’t repeat it all here.

Sleep Like a Baby Makes a Great Gift for You and For Loved Ones. Do It for Love and/or Good Health.

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Give Me To Someone You Love

I will mention only that it makes a GREAT GIFT for your loved ones who need help sleeping.  Insufficient sleep contributes, not only to car accidents, but to Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and heart disease, to mention only a few health risks.

Thank you for your interest!  IT WORKS, and the music is beautiful.

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You can Click Here. I designed additional HypnoMeditations to help people overcome concerns about things like health, finances, relationships, and more. Hopefully, there will be time in 2021 to create new off-the-shelf HypnoMeditations. Of course, you can always book me to make a customized version to meet your specific needs! Contact Me.

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