Sleep Like a Baby Guided Meditation

Sleep Like A Baby Final

Sleep Like A Baby 

A Guided Meditation by Nancy (Ayanna) Wyatt.

The Sleep Like A Baby meditation is so powerful that it put the sound engineer to sleep during our recording session! It was first was published in 1996. The 2nd edition became available in December 2014 with new music by world-famous Reiki Master, Jamie Llewellyn.  Here is a sample of his music, blessed by Reiki energy.

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I created the newest edition of Sleep Like A Baby under my company name, My Persuasive Presentations, LLC, so that is where you can buy it when you CLICK HERE. You’ll also find a full description of the global outlets (like Amazon, Spotify, and iTunes +++) which are selling MP3 downlinks.

Your other option – available only on my own website, is to buy MP3 files, wav files, or CDs of Sleep Like A Baby directly from me. (Note: wav files are much better quality than MP3’s.)

Payments for Direct Purchases

You can purchase via PayPal. Once I receive notice of payment and the required information, I’ll mail a CD or send you a link to a downloadable file, per whatever you ordered. If you need to send a check, payable to My Persuasive Presentations, I’ll fill the order after your check has cleared.

Sleep Like A Baby Content

Sleep Like A Baby comes with and without music. A full description of the CD content is included on the “CLICK HERE” link above; and, since that is where you purchase either downloads or CD’s, I won’t repeat it all here.

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Give Me To Someone You Love

I will mention only that it makes a GREAT GIFT for your loved ones who need help sleeping.  Insufficient sleep contributes, not only to car accidents, but to Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and heart disease, to mention only a few health risks.

Thank you for your interest!  IT WORKS, and the music is beautiful.



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