Less Stress = More Moxy!

Does stress have you down? If yes, you are not at your best, so let’s learn a quick, free, DIY technique to transform your mood and how you affect others!






When You Are Stressed, People (& Animals) Feel It.

Tension Rises.

Things Can “Go South.”

Your Self-Confidence is Reduced.

You  Need Help “In the Moment.”

So, let’s talk about that, and I’ll share the first of some tips to help you stress less.

What You Can Do Fast

(and Secretly)

When People Are Angry At You



When You Are Angry At Yourself!

There is something you can do immediately without anyone’s knowing that you’re doing it. I’ve been amazed at how well this works in both business and personal situations.

It’s SO EASY, and you can send the message silently to other people or to yourself!

I’ll include a short video here to demonstrate; but, for people who have impaired sight, below are the instructions about what you can do to ease tension in yourself and others.

All you do is take 3 deep breaths (in through the nose) and exhale the air (imagining it’s flowing out from the solar plexus and abdomen). You “push” the air out while thinking (and meaning it), “I return all your negativity to you with love.”

Try it.

Breathe in through the nose (you can imagine breathing in “Love.”)

Then, instead of thinking about breathing out through the nose or mouth, imagine that you are sending the breath and loving thought to the person through your solar plexus and abdomen. You can actually feel this as if you were pushing air through the mid-torso of your body.

Do this three times in rapid succession (one right after the other).

You Breathe In – Love

You Breathe Out – “I return all your negativity to you with love.”

Breathe In – Love

Breathe Out – “I return all your negativity to you with love.”

In – Love

Out – “I return all your negativity to you with love.”

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See HOW EASY that was?!

I know lots of other tips and tricks to help you gain self-confidence while learning to stress less, and I’d love to share them with you.

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Why Can I Help You Through Sip & Share?

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My gift is the ability to help people gain deep insight into situations, into themselves, and into potential resolutions to problems. This enables folks to stress less and to make productive changes in their lives. 

In addition, I have a deep background in business, holistic healing, and in voluntarism. Click here for details. If I can’t help you, I probably know someone who can!

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