Nancy’s Novelty HypnoMeditations

Can Help You Stress Less and Sleep Better!

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Namaste! You now have the opportunity to experience Nancy’s Novelty HypnoMeditations to help you overcome challenges and de-stress. They are soothing, yet productive, meditations that help you conquer fears, limiting beliefs, unwanted habits, and physical or emotional pain. I designed each one to help you attract good things into your life so you can fulfill your dreams. Some, such as Sleep Like A Baby, are designed as sleep aids.

All you have to do is relax. Don’t forget to breathe while you listen!


“I cannot put into words how grateful I am for your amazing healing meditation. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽” 

“When I get in that heightened state of anxiety, it is the tool that brings me back to a calm center.”

“No more hanging on the side of my bed wondering if I have enough strength and stamina to get moving. This wonderful woman has also touched on some of my emotional challenges that I never even mentioned. Before I could tell her about them, she was explaining to me her “sense” of what she experienced in session that paralleled my emotional and spiritual condition. I am so glad I gave myself this gift of healing. Thank you, Nancy.”

“I am still amazed at how your words lead to visualizations and the sensations of energy moving through me. Just amazingly awesome!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽


Jamaican beach scene for HypnoMeditation

illustration of closed eyes for HypnoMeditationMany of the videos contain “closed-eyes” meditations. This means they have a single, unchanging image at the opening. It is easier to “go inward” when your eyes are at rest, and you are free from distractions.

However, I also plan to create additional “open-eyes” HypnoMeditations with images that correspond to the words being spoken.


cd with notes

musical notes around headphones for HypnoMeditationsYou can play these videos with or without headphones. In addition, you can listen to them once, or let them “loop” all night. Continually replaying the sound will aid your subconscious in absorbing words that describe the ways in which you choose to change your life for the better.

Nancy's Novelty Photos on Pixels Products for You Treble Clef Music“Meditation music” also helps slow the brain waves to make the subconscious more receptive to these positive messages. I usually give clients a version with meditation music and a version without.

NOTE: if you are a musician or are giving a HypnoMeditation to a person who is a musician, make sure you supply a version with no background music! I learned this the hard way from a friend of mine who is a symphony orchestra member, and all he could pay attention to was the music, despite the gift’s words that were designed to enable him to sleep. That mediation had worked for years for everyone else!

fire in stone fireplaceThere may be times when you prefer silence in the background. When you have a video with just the narration, you also can play your own choice of sounds in the background, whether that is the sound of music you’ve chosen, ocean or “babbling brook” waters, crackling fireplace – whatever helps you gain the deepest level of relaxation.

Typically, no two sessions are alike. Go with what you feel you need each time.

How Long Are Nancy’s Novelty HypnoMeditations?

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The videos usually run for about twenty minutes. See a sample below. It is entitled “Abundance and Right Work.”

“However, comma,” as I would say, … if I am customizing one for you, I can make it longer or shorter. I’ve done some that were five minutes long and some that are an hour long.

No Tricks. This is Legit!
Nancy (Ayanna) Wyatt

I have certifications!

Among many other certifications, I am certified at the Master Level in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, and I use that knowledge, along with NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) tools in creating Nancy’s Novelty HypnoMeditations.

There are NO subliminal messages in these recordings. That means there are no messages that you cannot hear in any recording. In fact, if you choose to have me customize a HypnoMeditation specifically for you, we’ll be using many of your own words and thoughts to help you bring positive change into your life.

Why Get a Customized HypnoMeditation?

Do you need one of Nancy’s Novelty HypnoMeditations to help you lose weight? To assist you in relationships? To give you more peace about finances? How about helping you eliminate fears of one kind or another? What about overcoming health issues or physical pain?

Customization ensures we address YOUR issues, rather than having a script that is good for everyone. It’s like the difference between taking aspirin or having a specific remedy for a specific ailment.

For example, if you are a military person, the language and frames of reference are likely to be quite different from the words and perspectives of someone whose life centers around meditation and massage therapy. Your life experiences are different. The wounds are different. Joys and goals are likely to be different.

A customized HypnoMeditation is about YOU and Your Highest Good.

How Customization Works

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  1. You contact me to express your interest.
  2. We have a free initial consultation (by Zoom, phone, etc.) to determine your needs and my prices.
  3. I interview you, so that we may use your concepts and some of your language in the recording.
  4. We sign our agreement.
  5. You submit a 50% downpayment.
  6. I create a HypnoMeditation for you and record it – with or without music, as we have agreed upon.
  7. Upon receipt of the final payment, I send you the HypnoMeditation.

There Are Choices!

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Nancy’s Novelty HypnoMeditations are a standard part of my coaching and counseling services. However, you don’t have to be my life coaching or spiritual counseling client to get one.

Gold medal Hot Offers symbol for Zoom Sessions

You are eligible for a free, initial consultation so that we may determine your needs and discuss costs. Below are some pricing factors.

Nancy’s Novelty Customized HypnoMeditations

3 green dollar signsThese require much more labor than creating generic mediations for the public. They involve all the same kinds of work as inserting keywords into a resume or a bid proposal, except that I’m using your key thoughts, words, plans, and hopes to create constructive change in your life. In addition, they include the use of images and/or music for which I’ve had to pay licensing fees.

  • They are the most expensive when created at an hourly rate, because they involve interviewing time as well as the time to create and edit a script, choose images, and music, obtain licensing, etc.
  • Instead, I would charge on a per-project basis, especially for people who have me on retainer – a multi-month agreement either for writing/editing services or as a holistic healing practitioner.
  • People who have me on retainer are my VIP Clients who get first priority scheduling of their projects, as well as a price break.
In Addition:

If your HypnoMeditation is customized, but if:

  1. It does not have any language that identifies you,
  2. The content also could be beneficial to others,
  3. It fits into my generic collections, and
  4. We include provisions in our agreement for me to sell it to other people,

you will be eligible for a 10% price reduction in the cost of creating the video.

Accordingly, the base price for a customized HypnoMeditation currently (1-1-2021) is $188. The price may fluctuate, depending on whether I must do research, travel, am on retainer, can use the product to help other people, etc. Once we’ve agreed upon the scope of the project, we’ll sign an agreement to include the exact price per project.

Payment Options

PayPal logo for HypnoMeditations

Zelle logo for electronic payments for HypnoMeditations

You may pay via PayPal or Zelle. I’ll provide the link to you once we agree on your project. If you need to send a check, payable to My Persuasive Presentations, instead, I will start work on your project after the check has cleared.

Again, the base price for a customized HypnoMeditation currently is $188. The price may fluctuate, depending on whether I must do research, travel, etc. Once we’ve agreed upon the scope of the plan, we’ll sign an agreement that includes the exact price.

Related Classes

Scrabble letters spelling TEACH for HypnoMeditations

I also teach classes (for individuals or groups) in meditation, metaphysics, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) (holistic healing), and several other unrelated topics.

Let’s schedule a talk about your situation in order to create something lovely just for you.  Note: during this pandemic, we can communicate via email,  Zoom, or by telephone, even though I like “in-person” better.

Abundance and  Right Work

Here is a sample of one of Nancy’s Novelty HypnoMeditations that is “off-the-shelf” (meaning pre-recorded and generic). This is among the HypnoMeditations that you can purchase.

[videopress zMeepluJ]

Mindfulness Linked With Emotional Well-Being And Improved Sleep, Study Finds

Good health involves body, mind, spirit, and emotions.
Meditation assists all beneficially.

Contact Me with Questions, Comments, or Scheduling

Questions? Comments? Want to book a HypnoMeditation, a meditation class, or a session? Email me at GetWellStayWell@Outlook.com and put the topic in your subject line, please. We can have a free initial conversation to see if we’re a match for your project.

Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, and Live Well!


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