Classes – How To Start A Business

Classes – How To Start A Business

Classes Change Your Life! Happy figures.dollar_sign_with_wings_sm_nwmOut of Work? Can’t Find a Job?  Looking For Alternative Income?

Do You Have That Entrepreneurial Spirit or Desire?

Do You Have a Great Idea for a Product or Service?

Were You Released From Your Last Employment?

Do You Want to Start a Business, But Don’t Know How?

My Classes on How To Start A Business will cover everything from the questions you need to answer, before you begin the process of starting a business, to the steps required to actually create a new business and to meet all the legal requirements. This class may be for your wellness therapies, complementary and alternative medicine practice, etc.; but it does not have to be.  The principles and procedures we’ll discuss are standard for most kinds of businesses. You also may be interested in tips, tricks, thoughts, and ideas found on my Facebook page for My Persuasive Presentations, LLC.

stick_figure_choose_direction_anim_300_clr_2459In my Classes – How To Start A Business – we’ll discuss many topics, including, but not limited to:

Learning why you should or should not start a business

stick_figure_computer_feed_800_clr_5362Finding the business name

Registering with the Federal, state, and local governments

Registering with the SBA

down_the_chain_800_clr_5908Setting up the company infrastructure

Creating business plansstick_figure_drawing_goals_text_11045

Establishing accounting systems

Ensuring compliance with Purchase Card Industry Law

Establishing IT systems

circular_social_media_icons_400_clr_9139Establishing marketing systems and materials

Establishing policies and procedures

wearing_two_hats_300_clr_12985Wearing ‘Too Many Hats”

Being an entrepreneur is not a good idea for everyone.  

risk_measurement_400_clr_5483We’ll examine the variables to help you decide IF you want to do it and the HOW you do it.

Contact me first to schedule the class for yourself or for a group.  Here is the link for my other website:  Click here and scroll to the bottom of that page where you will see PayPal button and prices and options.

Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, and Live Well!

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