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Ethics Code Counseling a ClientBelow are definitions related to Life Coaching and statements of the Code of Ethics for CHANGE YOUR LIFE – Life Coaching by Nancy (Ayanna) Wyatt.

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  1. Coaching: Coaching is a collaboration between a Coach and a Client to assist the Client in his or her quest to accomplish stated goals.
  2. Professional Coaching Relationship: A professional coaching relationship exists when coaching includes an agreement (including contracts) that defines the responsibilities of each party.
  3. Roles in the Coaching Relationship: In order to clarify roles in the coaching relationship it is often necessary to distinguish between the Client and the Sponsor. The Client and Sponsor are the same person, in most cases, and they are therefore jointly referred to as the Client. For purposes of identification, however, the ICF defines these roles as follows:
    1. Client: The “Client/Coachee” is the person(s) being coached.
    2. Sponsor: The “Sponsor” is the entity (including its representatives) paying for and/or arranging for coaching services to be provided.
    3. In all cases, coaching engagement agreements should clearly establish the rights, roles, and responsibilities for both the Client and Sponsor if the Client and Sponsor are different people.
  4. Affiliates, Partners, Business Sponsors (APB): These are individuals or businesses which choose to back the Life Coach by providing facilities, marketing, or other forms of support.
  5. Conflict of Interest: a situation in which
    1. the concerns or aims of two different parties are incompatible.
    2. a person is in a position to derive personal benefit from actions or decisions made in their official capacity.
    3. a coach has a private or personal interest sufficient to appear to influence the objective of his or her official duties as a coach and a professional.

Code of Ethics ~ CHANGE YOUR LIFEQualifications & Expertise

As a Life Coach, I:

  1. Make verbal and written statements that accurately describe what I offer as a coach and which accurately identify my coaching qualifications, expertise, experience, training, and certifications as a Life Coach and in other areas of endeavor which may be employed as part of the Life Coach process.
  2. Accurately describe to Clients, prospective Clients, Sponsors, or APB’S what I believe to be true about the potential value of the coaching process or of me as a coach.
  3. Carefully explain and strive to ensure that, prior to or at the initial meeting, my Client and Sponsor(s) understand the nature of coaching, the nature and limits of confidentiality, financial arrangements, and any other terms of the coaching agreement.
  4. Have a clear coaching service agreement with my Clients and Sponsor(s) before beginning the coaching relationship and honor this agreement. The agreement shall include the roles, responsibilities, and rights of all parties involved.

Ethics re Non-Discrimination

As a Life Coach, I:

  1. Refrain from unlawful discrimination, including age, race, gender orientation, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, or disability.
  2. Enjoy working with people of diverse backgrounds.

Copyright and Patent Protection

As a Life Coach, I:

  1. Abide by copyright and other laws protecting originators of content and ideas.
  2. Give credit to others as resources or owners of material used.

Ethics re Confidentiality

As a Life Coach, I:

  1. Maintain strict confidentiality of records and discussions, unless the release of information is required by law.
    1. These are the conditions under which confidentiality may not be maintained (e.g., illegal activity, pursuant to a valid court order or subpoena; imminent or likely risk of danger to self or to others; etc.)
    2. Our Agreement requires that you acknowledge you knowingly agree to this limitation to the Confidentiality clause: that, if I reasonably believe one of the above circumstances is applicable, I may need to inform appropriate authorities.
  2. Do not share Client or Sponsor information with APB’s.
  3. Require all those who work with me in support of my Clients to adhere to the Code of Ethics and Confidentiality Standards
  4. Maintain strict Confidentiality, not using Client names or other identifying attributes when discussing “example” in classes.
  5. Maintain, store and dispose of any records, including electronic files and communications, created during my coaching engagements in a manner that promotes confidentiality, security, and privacy and complies with any applicable laws and agreements.
  6. Use Client/Sponsor contact information (email addresses, telephone numbers, and so on) only for My Persuasive Presentations, LLC use. Lists will not be sold or shared with others, unless express permission has been granted when a person or group wishes to participate in the events or offerings of another entity.

Conflicts of Interest

As A Life Coach, I:

  1. Immediately disclose any conflicts of interest and offer to discontinue coaching when a conflict arises.
  2. Make referrals or discontinue coaching if I encounter personal issues that may impair, conflict with, or otherwise interfere with my coaching performance or relationships.
  3. Share materials or refer Clients/Sponsors to sources with greater expertise than my own.
  4. Clarify roles, set boundaries, and come to agreements about conflicts of interest that may emerge between coaching and other functions.
  5. Disclose to my Client, Sponsor, and any APB (if applicable) all anticipated compensation from third parties that I may receive for referrals of Clients or pay to receive Clients.

Ethical Pricing and Compensation

As a Life Coach, I:

  1. Charge a reasonable fee for consultations, which may or may not include all the time spent on preparation, follow-up activities, and/or out-of-pocket expenses incurred for each Client.
  2. Honor an equitable Coach/Client relationship, regardless of the form of compensation.

Setting Ethical Boundaries

As a Life Coach, I:

  1. Am aware of and endeavor to set clear, appropriate, and culturally sensitive boundaries that govern interactions – verbal, written, physical, or in suggesting functional exercises – that I have with my Clients or Sponsor(s).
  2. Avoid any sexual or romantic relationship with current Clients or Sponsors.

Termination of Coaching/Sponsor Agreement

As a Life Coach, I:

  1. Respect the Client’s/Sponsor’s right to terminate the coaching relationship at any point during the process, subject to the provisions of the agreement. I shall remain cognizant of indications that there is a shift in the value received from the coaching relationship.
  2. Encourage the Client or Sponsor to make a change if I believe the Client or Sponsor would be better served by another coach or by another resource.
  3. Will terminate the Agreement, subject to the provisions of the Agreement, if – at any time – I believe there is a Conflict of Interests or that I am unable to meet the needs of the Client such that further interaction is a waste of the Client’s or Sponsor’s resources.

Revisions to the Change Your Life Code of Ethics

This Code and Associated Terms & Conditions, Agreements, or Other Legal Documents may be amended at any time without notice in order that we may remain current with laws and regulations.


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