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We’ll go into prices and process in a minute; but first, be aware of how you may and may not use the images in these collections.

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NOTE: all material in these infographics is copyrighted.  After purchasing images, you may use these items for your events only.

You must not sell or otherwise distribute them because that is a violation of copyright laws. Either I took these photos, or I purchased the license to use them for my products only.

Thank you for adhering to ethical and legal standards, so I don’t have to be mean to you.

Ordering Individual Slides, Collections or Mixed-Content Groups from Nancy’s Novelty Infographic Creations

  • You can order Nancy’s Novelty Infographic PowerPoint/JPEG slides and some videos in themed packages.
  • By choosing a “collection,” you can use the same theme, but make it less boring by having different images, messages, or combinations of the same images. For many examples, Click Here.
  • Here’s an example of a business theme using different messages in each slide.

Mix or Match

  • You also can mix and match themes if you want to have added interest or if your need is to reflect a variety of changing moods, speaker styles, or topics. Maybe one of your speakers is a “strictly-by-the-book” professional, and the next speaker is a clown to wake up the crowd. Maybe you want to “rev up” the crowd in one session and have them meditate mindfully in another.
  • Here are a few examples.

Nancy's Novelty Infographics Coffee Break Time

Infographic Meeting Will Start Soon

Infographic - Please Wait While We Fix Technology

Prices for JPEG and PowerPoint Slides

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    • Individual slides will start at $8.00 each.
    • The typical price per slide will be lower when you purchase multiple slides (for example, $7.00/ea.).
    • Prices will be the lowest (per unit = $6.00/ea. or even less) when you buy “collections.”
      • A collection of 3 ready-made slides might be $18, rather than  $21.
      • Clear as mud? Stay tuned for the catalog with individual prices listed.
    • Prices depend, in part, on how much work I have to do to put the slides you want into a package to send to you. That’s why a package of multiples from various themes costs more than a collection. Got it? Got it! Good!

Off the Shelf – Not Customized – Slide Pricing as of 6-10-20

Single slide = $8     Two Slides $14     Collection of 3 = $18

Collection of 5 = $25     Collection of 7 = $40     Collection of 10 = $50

Prices for Videos

These infographics could be:

  • short videos of a single slide with animation
  • videos of a collection
  • without narration or music
  • with narration and/or music

Those variables will determine the price. As you know, this page is under construction. So are the pricing models. But I estimate that an off-the-shelf video of an animated motion slide will start at $10. I guesstimate that videos of an off-the-shelf collection will be $15. I expect to charge an additional $5, $10, or more for adding voice-over and/or music (since I’ve had to pay for licensing rights to use the music). Stay tuned. These are my thoughts as of 9-14-19.

Paying and Process

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You will select what you want. If you have questions or want mixtures, we can discuss selections by email first. Once you choose, you can pay me via PayPal or Zelle. Once I receive payment and the specifics of what images you want, I’ll send them to you via email, along with permission (license) to use without violating copyright law.

If you have questions or want to talk about placing an order, feel free to email me at

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