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Change Your Life! Happy figures.Putting Yourself First for A Change

profile of woman in headscarf - looking down - ready for changeTime to change. As we know, all cultural training teaches women to take care of their family’s needs as the highest priority and at any cost. As nurturing spirits, we often extend that caring behavior to include everyone but ourselves. The result can be difficulty in “saying no,” setting boundaries and addressing one’s own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

NOW is the time to change our minds – in a GOOD way.

Young woman with hat and fur - Vector illustrationEach of us is just as valuable and worthy of loving attention as anyone else in the world. Let’s first recognize that and then act like it!

Among the many classes I teach, I facilitate classes and workshops on topics about Putting Yourself First for a Change. They are based on my

CHANGE YOUR LIFE Self-Care Checklist.

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Here are some examples: in which we discuss:

  • Changing Expectations of You (both yours and other people’s)
  • The difference between Helping and Enabling
    • Underlying beliefs that may be at work
    • Some of the reasons WHY you do what you do
    • How you FEEL when you agree to do (or not do) something that goes against your instincts or desires (Fight or Flight?)
    • Focusing
    • Core Beliefs
    • Patterns
  • Setting Boundaries and Assertive Communications
  • Getting Unstuck (grief and loss; writer’s block; in a career; multiple concepts)
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming and hypnotherapy techniques to help you change the way you interpret things
    • Exercises to help you quit procrastinating about things you could do on your own behalf
    • “Happiness” exercises
    • Releasing Sadness, Anger, Guilt, and Fear
  • Understanding the relationship between emotional issues and physical symptoms
  • Breathing exercises
  • Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  • Taking care of legal and financial subjects
  • Parenting Your Children, Adult Children, and Your SELF!
  • Meditation and Affirmations
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Activity and Exercise

Change Your Life Self-Care Checklist ~ Bonuses for Attendees

girl in a hat and dress with handbag, Change silhouette, retro, vector I provide lots of handouts and notes, so you don’t have to remember everything I said. Also, you will help the group or me come up with some more ideas. I often customize and/or record a meditation just for the class, and it will be yours as a gift to help you find new ways to Change Your Life for the better.

head profile of a beautiful young African-American woman for changeRemember, “The more I have, the more I have to give.” Putting Yourself First for A Change feeds both kinds of needs. You gain self-respect when you provide self-care. That then enables you to provide a better quality of assistance when you choose to be of service to others. It is a choice.

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These classes can be as short as two hours or as long as weekend seminars! For most classes, if you book me, you can choose whether to make the class available to others – including to the public.

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Hope to see you soon! I do love teaching classes for personal growth and understanding!

Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, Live Well and  

Change Our Lives for the Better Now!

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