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This page contains summaries about the variety of classes I teach.  They range from Complementary &  Alternative Medicine Modalities to Meditation to how to create videos and graphics from PowerPoint slides. They could be about starting a business or finding a job. I teach basic computer use and business topics to beginners. I also provide classes on miscellaneous subjects, like gardening ideas for small spaces.

(See my “About” pages to learn about my extensive business background and holistic healing certifications.)

Note: during this pandemic, we can communicate via email,  Zoom, or by telephone, even though I like “in-person” better.

Classes may run from 1 to 4 hours or more and are listed below by length. The list is NOT all-inclusive. This page is always a work in progress, as people ask for new classes, so visit often. I also will customize classes or training for your own needs.

stick figures talking about classeswhile seated in chairsI teach classes to groups and to individuals. I may present in person but can do some sessions online as a webinar. They may be part of my CHANGE YOUR LIFE Life Coaching Program or “stand-alone” classes.

You might qualify for discounted prices if you or your group meet certain criteria. Contact me, using the contact form provided on this website, by leaving a voicemail message, or by emailing

Classes – A Full Course: “Chakras With Benefits”

An image of the primary 7 chakra symbols for classes on healing and maintaining healthy chakras

This (Zoom) course consists of weekly classes for 3 months. If you attend all the classes, you can earn a certificate of completion at the end. (There is no final exam.)  Like all my classes, this contains college-level content, but I teach it in a way that almost anyone can understand easily (according to the evaluations). Smiling happy face with red hearts floating forth

image from sacral chakra class presentation

Not only do we learn about the chakra (energy) systems in living beings, but we learn about several related topics. One of those “benefits” topics is about a different system related to one’s purpose in life. Another “benefit” topic is about cleansing and clearing the areas outside of your body to enhance your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being. We explore many additional topics, and we often do a guided meditation to end the classes.

We talk about the kinds of affirmations, foods, stones, physical exercises, and more topics associated with the healing and health of each chakra. I provide extensive notes, as well as videos for no additional charge. We might choose to record the sessions on Zoom, so that you may review them at your leisure or whenever you have a need to work on specific issues.

Classes ~ 4 Hour (Or Longer) Seminars on Holistic Healing and Meditation Topics

zen basalt stones and orchid on the wood for meditation classes

Both of the following classes have been taught successfully – to people of all ages. They are college-level classes that I try to teach so anyone can understand the material.

Without fail, they have been enthusiastically received, and students usually wish the class was LONGER! In fact, it can be broken into segments – with discussion or practice periods – if you need to provide a day-long seminar about various techniques used in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (holistic healing).

I provide extensive notes, so students can remember what was said and can follow up with links to do more research. Some classes are seminars to get you started; others are workshops to give you practice.

Introduction to (Compare and Contrast) Affirmations, Creative Visualization, and Meditation.

purple orchid and yellow candle on black stones and water for meditation classes

(Requires ability to show PowerPoint and Internet access.)

Click on the title to get information about how this extremely popular class compares and contrasts these three techniques. It is presented as a 4-hour seminar. It also could be longer to allow for more discussion and/or practice segments.

This seminar may be followed by 1 or 2-hour classes, on the topics students choose (writing affirmations, etc.), so people get to practice and share their experiences.

Introduction to Holistic Healing (Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Techniques)

essential oils and medical flowers herbs for holistic healing classes

(Requires ability to show PowerPoint and Internet access.)

This seminar may be followed by 1 or 2-hour classes in which people get to choose a subject on which to practice and share their experiences.

This class is always evolving as new methods of natural healing are discovered and as I continue to acquire certifications as a life-long learner. Participants really love this class; and, even though it is long, they always want it to be longer! It is presented as a 4-hour seminar.

Shorter, follow-up workshops can be offered about the techniques about which students either want to know more or want to learn and practice.

We discuss energy healing and non-pharmaceuticals. It’s not a question of whether the glass is half full or half empty.   (The truth is it’s both, and it’s refillable!)  It’s a question of “What is IN the glass?”  “What is in the pill?”  “What is the risk?”


We’ll examine some of the traditional and a few non-traditional ways of addressing symptoms of dis-ease, considering physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components, as well as ethics and what you should expect in a healing session.

1 – 4 Hour Classes on Basic Business or Computing for Beginners

Woman presenting on white board while teaching classes

I prefer to teach these classes one-on-one to provide the best individual attention and to be able to pace ourselves at a high comfort level for each student.

How to Give an Effective Elevator Speech

How to Give an Intriguing Presentation

How to Create a Facebook page (personal and/or business)

How to Create a LinkedIn page

How to Create a Word Document

How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation (and Convert to Video)

 2-Hour Classes

group of figures talking while seated in a circleOh my goodness! I couldn’t even begin to list all the classes I teach! Usually, they are introductory sessions on various aspects of meditation, holistic healing, self-hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic programming, Emotional Freedom Technique (aka “tapping” or “EFT”), Focusing, and many others which are designed to give you the tools to help yourself Get Well, Stay Well, and Live Well without pharmaceuticals. I give you ideas and exercises to help you stress less, to overcome fears, phobias, and limiting beliefs.

Seeing Eye Envision Enhanced Vision

(a seminar on relationships among emotional issues, beliefs, or stress and both eyesight and insight (Brow Chakra) issues. This is a holistic healing approach.)

(Requires ability to show PowerPoint and Internet access.)

After I taught the seminar, the students requested the second and then the third class, each of which is much more audience interactive than the seminar. See the description below.

  1. I am certified at the Master Level of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, and this class employs those techniques, among others in describing how to use the connections among eyesight issues and corresponding emotional issues or limiting beliefs to improve eyesight.
  2. The class helps us correct symptoms by dealing with the causal factors, using both physical and HypnoMeditation exercises, as well as Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) to make our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs more supportive of our well-being and ability to see clearly.
  3. The second class in the Envision Enhanced Vision series is about near-sightedness and offers mental and physical exercises for corrective action, as well as further delving into causal emotions or beliefs. (Does NOT require the ability to show PowerPoint and Internet access.)
  4. The third class in the Envision Enhanced Vision series is about far-sightedness and astigmatism. It also offers mental and physical exercises for corrective action, as well as further delving into causal emotions or beliefs. (Does NOT require the ability to show PowerPoint and Internet access.)

Middle Pillar Meditation

yin yang symbol in fire and water used for meditation classes

This class gives the basics of meditation and then includes the lengthy, healing meditation, from a book, called “The Middle Pillar” by Israel Regardie.  The exercise known as the Middle Pillar was devised by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Regardie expanded upon it and made it public over 60 years ago in the first edition of this book.

Since that time, the exercise has been altered and adapted for just about any spiritual use. I also can provide it to you as part of a private consultation or Life Coach session.

Rather than concentrating on chakras, this mediation uses the forces of earth, water, fire, air, and spirit in the imagery. Some years ago, I recorded this meditation and played it repeatedly during a major health crisis. It appears to have been the primary contributor to healing me of potentially deadly disease conditions. The class may be shorter than 2 hours, dependent on class size and participation.

Tell The Truth!Brainwaves going between 2 people in classes

Understanding Errors in Logic –

In “Real Life” On The Earth Plane and In Spiritual Guidance.

If you tell yourself that you are stupid, is that REALLY true, or did something stupid just happen, and you really are a smart person?! (Note: the title of a class can be modified to fit the type of audience)

Many people feel they get inspiration either from Divine Guidance or their own intuition, as well as from other people. Some take advice from psychics or believe that loved ones, who have passed away, are guiding them. But how does one know if that guidance is “real?”  How valid are things we are taught in school, hear in advertisements, are told by advisers,  or say to ourselves? How do we know if the advice from other people is given from the point of view of being for our true best interests?

This is another college-level course, which may be too sophisticated for some people; but it is great for those with analytical minds, particularly when they are trying to understand “the spiritual path.” We shall explore the many fallacies in thinking as each applies to “the earth plane” and spiritual path levels. (To help those who are visual learners, it is best to have the ability to show PowerPoint and Internet access; but, it is not a requirement.)


 Colorful circles showing levels of brain and consciousnessBrain and Consciousness ~

a description of how levels of brain and levels of consciousness work, as it relates to meditation, hypnotherapy, and NLP

(Requires ability to show PowerPoint and Internet access.)

rocks balanced w ocean background for meditation classes

I am developing more classes about being in synch with one’s Inner Wisdom / Higher Self and related topics. However, since my focus has been elsewhere during the last couple of years, I am not through yet and am not listing them here. I’ll keep this list and add to it, as the classes are finished.

What You Need To Know and To Do in Job Hunting (+ Resume Writing)

person walking on a tight rope that gets tangled into a ball and then shaped as a question markJob hunting, in any field, can be scary and depressing, especially since the rules have changed in how it is done these days. The class covers:

  • the role of LinkedIn and other social media
  • topics include cover letters, differing formats for resumes, thank you letters, and how these documents are being screened by computers or people.
  • when to use and not use photographs and what kinds of photos to choose
  • preferred formats for varying kinds of resumes
  • new expectations employers may have (B.Y.O.D.) and protecting yourself
  • transferable skills
  • honors and awards
  • certifications
  • tips for interviewing (I also can offer a separate class all about interviewing.).
  • recommendations for following up
  • networking to find employment
  • creating a “marketing plan” to sell your self
  • recommendations for using a search firm (“headhunter”)

class group sessionLet me know if you are interested in having me present this class for you, as an individual or a group, or online. I offer a deeply discounted fee for those who are not currently employed and might offer a discount for groups, depending on size and location.

Woman typing with computer keyboardUnder my company, My Persuasive Presentations, LLC, I offer writing and editing services, as well as training; so, if you need someone to handle the resume and cover letter for you, I’ll be glad to describe the pricing packages I offer.

Entrepreneurship 101 – How To Start A Business

B2B b2c_hand_shake_400_clr_7037Especially for job seekers, who have not yet found success, I also can provide an overview of some of the many things a person must consider and do if starting a business – even if it is a one-person consultancy. A business might be “B2C” (business to individual customer) or B2B (business to business).

I designed this class for a beginning entrepreneur who does not know what is involved, but who wants to contemplate options. However, I have discovered that many existing small business owners are unaware of and are out of compliance with a number of regulations or new business practices, so they can benefit equally from taking this class.  Click here for details.  You will receive extensive notes for this class in English or in Spanish; however, I teach the class in English. If you speak only Spanish, we would need to have a translator help me.

Elementary Garden Design Ideas and Never Lose Another Plant (Plant Care)

These are PowerPoint or video presentations. One is “Never Lose Another Plant” and another is about elementary garden design concepts, tips, and tricks.

slide from gardening classesIt seems that most plants die because of under-watering or over-watering. Thus, it is very beneficial to learn more about this by watching my video, “Never Lose Another Plant.”

Customers have a tendency to return the plants and to blame the store, even though it is faultless. Therefore, I created an Excel spreadsheet you can purchase for a small business tracking plant returns in as many as three store locations. It gives the reasons for the returns, so you can learn how to better educate your customers in plant care and save potentially thousands of dollars in refunds or store credits.  See my writing services website for more details. You also can utilize it for the personal benefit of understanding your own plant inventory, how you cared for each and with what results at what cost.

Classes Offered At Hugely Discounted Prices if You Sponsor Me To Teach

dollar signes

I have been beta testing classes at Blossomforth, which now is moving. So, I’m seeking additional venues. If you sponsor me in your home or another venue, your tuition is free. Attendees’ tuition will be discounted if I am beta testing a class. You may find classes which are open to the public on my CHANGE YOUR LIFE  Meetup site where you can register. For a more complete description, see info for Change Your Life on this website. I conduct in-person classes primarily in the Northern Virginia Area and in Winchester or Warrenton or nearby towns.

There Is Always More to Come…. In the meantime….

Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, Live Well and Change Your Life Together!

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