Mandala Cactus Face Masks and More

The Exotic Mandala Cactus Photo

Cactus Mandala mug frm Nancy's Novelty Photos on Pixels ProductsI’m having some coffee with one of the most exotic face masks today.

This is a photo I took of a real cactus, and you can see in it the mandala design that the Creator made. That plant was at Merrifield Garden Center in Northern Virginia years ago. I fell in love with it!

May you find beauty in your surroundings today!



Below is the link to order plus a few examples of the many kinds of goodies available with this image on it. It shows how you can change background colors to suit your tastes in spiral notebooks, beach and bath towels, clothing, home decor, yoga mats, mugs, phone cases, tote bags, and more.

The Link to Order Mandala Cactus Products

Ways You Can Change the Design of Mandala Cactus Products

Other Designs and How You Can Do It, Too

To see more about how I started putting my photos into collections under Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels Products, Click Here.

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Your Fingernails Tell Health Stories!

See What Your Manicurist Sees When Looking at Your Fingernails!

Newly manicured nails with sparkles on pink and gold polish with a pink and gold flower in the background

The manicurist might not recognize the symptoms your fingernails portray. However, some practitioners of Eastern and Western Medicine or of Holistic Healing Modalities can identify health problems by looking at your fingernails before you cover them up with nail polish. Human fingernail types Vector illustration

Here are some resources before we continue. They help define our terms of Eastern, Western, and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM / holistic healing). They also provide more pictures and links than I can include in this blog.

The National  Institute of Health (NIH) compares Eastern and Western approaches to medicine and health.

An easier way to understand it may be found in the blog of a person who has practiced “all of the above.” Dr. Emili Kim describes his findings.

man in light blue shirt looking at his fingernailsINancy Wyatt am neither a physician nor a practitioner of Eastern Medicine. However, I am certified in a number of holistic healing (CAM) methods. I can share what they know and what I know as you stare at your fingernails.

East Meets West with Holistic Healing in the Center

chart of fingernails and disease conditionsdrawing of feet showing common foot problems Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, alternative medicine, and now Western medicine often agree on the value of “reading” fingernails (and toenails), eyes, ears, and tongues in the diagnostic process.

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