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Chakra | Gingko Leaf

Chakra | Gingko Leaf ~ What? & Why?

Hello, People! Below, you’ll see I created some slides using the green Gingko Leaf to symbolize the heart chakra against the background of other chakra colors for meditations. This was a little gift to my students who took my weekly course, Chakras With Benefits, from July until the end of September. I call it Chakras With Benefits because I included information about several topics in addition to explaining concepts related to the chakra systems that exist in humans and other life forms. To see the images, Read More! Continue Reading →

Chakras Rule!

little boy with felt chakra circles positioned correctly on his body

Chakras ~ Healing Classes

bubble figure in a yoga pose with chakras down the front by Peggy and Marco Lachmann

Chakras Rule! Why would I say that? What are they? Chakras are energy centers in the body.  The word, chakra, means “wheel” or “disk” in Sanskrit. Commonly, the phrase for chakras is “spinning wheels of energy.” Each rules specific glands, organs, and emotions. They relate not only to your health but also to your relationships – from those with your parents and the “tribe” into which you were born – to those within your conception (or lack thereof) of “God,” not to mention your relationship with yourself.

Thus, chakra healing can help create and maintain body, mind, spiritual, and emotional health. It’s worth spending time to learn more about them and how deficiencies, excesses, and proper functioning affect our daily lives and experiences, in addition to our physical well-being. If you have issues, what can you do about it? Happily, that’s part of what I teach. Continue Reading →

7 Levels of Consciousness

purple and gold Illustration of a person in lotus meditation position and 7 areas of consciousnessSeven Levels of Consciousness are recognized in several religious and mystic traditions. While I’ll be researching and sharing other viewpoints in my upcoming classes, I have started with shareable input from the website of and with additional quotes from a Transcendental Meditation website. In this article, I’m including a smattering of my own thoughts, as well.

Note: the higher levels of consciousness, typically, are reached through or as a result of meditation.

Western Medicine Recognizes Limited Areas of Consciousness

These States of Consciousness Are Recognized by Western Medicine

caduceus medical symbol in gold by Gordon Johnson


Definition: a state of being aware and responsive to one’s surroundings. Awake.

In this state, thoughts circulate both deliberately and automatically.

  • For example, you deliberately decide to make a list and go to the grocery store to buy food.
  • While driving there, you automatically drive the vehicle, without having to think of every move of your eyes, hands, and feet in maneuvering the vehicle.


brain with tiny arms holding up weights (dumb bell exercise weights)

Information exists as memories one can recall automatically.

Mystic Sense gave the example of muscle memory and one’s ability to remember how to play the violin. Another example is remembering your name.

  • I think the term “Pre-Conscious” also could include patterns that are imprinted on the body/mind/emotions plus the chemistry, hormones, and intrinsic responses that are affected while a baby is being formed in the womb.
  • Furthermore, in terms of metaphysics, “Pre-Consciousness” could include genes, patterns, and other attributes that are passed down from generation to generation, so it would encompass an individual’s ancestral background.

However, the last two points are my own definition and not one put forth in the research I’ve done so far on this subject ~ which is why I’m going to do more research. smiley face girl with lashes and bow


In the Unconscious state, a person is unaware of the surroundings and, seemingly, is living on autonomic systems that preserve survival. The heart beats. Breathing continues. But the brain is not processing stimuli normally.

Red question mark behind figure asking

Again, metaphysicians may argue with this in that some people, who have been comatose, later have accurately reported seeing and hearing what was going on in their surroundings, quoting medical staff and visitors to their bedsides. However, it is true that they were not awake. Clearly, there is a distinction between being awake and aware that we could benefit from exploring.

Metaphysical and Non-Medical

Definitions/Explanations of

Conscious and Preconscious

In some metaphysical approaches to this topic, Western medical definitions are accepted. (Note: this excludes my ad lib comments above.)

Brightly colored paint splashed on the face and hand of a person with blue eyes looking out between spread fingers - Conscious MindIn a more etheric view, the state of full consciousness means the lower chakras (root, sacral, and solar plexus) are operating actively versus a meditative state in which the upper chakras (third eye and crown)  get the most emphasis.

2nd Level of Consciousness

~ Deep Sleep ~ Dreamless

photo of a cherubic angel statue asleep by Thomas Mühl

In deep and dreamless sleep, the mind is not accessing memories or emotions, according to current understanding. We are unconscious.

Yet, the body is still responsive to external stimuli –  reacting in terms of primal instinct. For example, it might jerk a bit at the sound of loud noise.

During this time, our minds and bodies rest and heal from the mental, emotional, and physical exertions of the day.

Deep, dreamless sleep not only supports good health but also is necessary for reaching higher levels of consciousness as we strive for total enlightenment.

  • Many people do not strive intentionally toward enlightenment in their lives on earth.
  • However, in many metaphysical and religious traditions, the souls of people are evolving toward enlightenment, regardless of whether the conscious mind is aware of that.

3rd Level ~ Sleep ~ Dreaming

The word "Dreams" spelled in cloud-like letters by by Biljana Jovanovic from Pixabay

During deep sleep, most of us dream – often about thoughts, feelings, people, experiences, and memories that we have encountered in the last few hours.

  • Dreams occur in color or in black and white images.
  • Dreams often reflect issues a person is trying to resolve or desires they hope to fulfill.
  • Dream images might be symbolic, rather than literal.
    • For example, I once dreamed about the (accounting) Controller in the organization where I worked. I saw him as clearly as if we were in the same room. However, it seemed he was completely out of context and unreal, until I realized he symbolized financial management, rules, and control. When I saw his image as a symbol, rather than as a co-worker, I could interpret the dream. Its meaning and import became relevant, clear, and useful in addressing something I had just purchased.
    • Another dream was about several rescue cats I was putting into a police security van. (I was in charge of campus police and emergency management at the time.) I realized the symbolism was about people and things that needed to be protected by my active intervention in order to be safe.
    • A third way that can be useful in dream interpretation is to see every “character” in the dream as an aspect of oneself. If I saw an overlord in my dream, what might that mean in terms of how I treat my employees? If I were to experience a juggler in my dream, what might that say about my life’s being in or out of balance – of my needing fewer “balls” to juggle – or, of my need to multi-task, etc.?

Lucid Dreaming

An illustration of a woman in the lucid dreaming state of consciousness (one asleep - seeing herself awake in the dream) by Victoria ArtLucid dreaming occurs when a person can switch on part of the conscious mind, while in a predominantly unconscious state. A person then can manipulate the actions and scenarios being played out in the dream.

  • This is most likely in a person who “operates in” higher planes of spiritual consciousness.
  • Lucid dreams often reveal our deepest, darkest fears and desires.
  • We can work with these in our dreams to resolve “earth plane” physical, emotional, or mental issues and to begin a path toward enlightenment.

Common Consciousness Levels

image for HypnoMeditationTM‘s website contains an interview and explanations from which I’ve taken the following quote.

The first three states — waking consciousness, deep sleep and the dreaming state of sleep — are known to every adult human being with a functional nervous system.

The last four levels — transcendental, cosmic, god and unity consciousness — are usually not available right away. These states become accessible only as one engages in regular practice of meditation.

4th Level ~ Transcendental Consciousness

symbolic figure in meditation pose with chakra colors in alignment

This is the first of the truly enlightened states of consciousness. A different way of describing the state is that it is one of Silence.

According to Mystic Sense, transcendental consciousness is the ability to enter into a trance.

  • A person in a state of trance has the ability to completely mute their senses while remaining fully conscious.
    • “Trance” does not mean something you saw in a black and white movie of yesteryear. It does not involve someone swinging a pendulum in front of your eyes or staring into a swirling vortex.
    • You can be in a trance (brain-wave state) when staring at the fire in a fireplace and losing track of your surroundings.
    • You can be in a trance-like state when you are watching an engrossing movie – or when you are “in the zone” as an athlete, aware only of the goal you aspire to reach.

Doing so allows individuals to connect with their spirit without the external noise of their senses, thoughts, and feelings interfering.

When a person reaches the highest levels (usually through an advanced state of meditation) he or she experiences the purest form of self-awareness in which a person exists in a state of being rather than perceiving or doing.

5th Level Cosmic Consciousness

ocean with foam and stacked rocks on a beach, mindfulness meditationHere is a quote from the Transcendental Meditation website:

“Gradually, with the ability of the nervous system to stay in contact with the fourth state of consciousness, one develops the ability to sustain that inner silence, that unbounded inner reality simultaneously while one is doing things, thinking thoughts, [being] active. Eventually, that becomes stabilized and it becomes a permanent state of consciousness which Maharishi called the Cosmic Consciousness.”

6th ~ Out of Body Consciousness ~
Out of Body Experiences /OBEs

image of consciousness being split and an out of body experience - photo by Gerd Altmann

Once cosmic consciousness has been achieved, a person may be prone to out-of-body experiences.

OBEs can be intentional or can occur spontaneously, perhaps surprising the person experiencing them.

Typically, they involve the viewing of oneself as a separate entity. Some people find answers to difficult personal questions while in this state of the spectator.

OBEs can be profound in terms of reaching enlightenment as they are a sign that one’s consciousness has pulled free from the limitations of the human body.

Remote Viewing

Colorful illustration of the continents on a flat surface by Gerd AltmannI don’t know if OBE is the correct category into which I should place this topic, but I’m putting it here regardless.

Remote Viewing takes place when someone can see actual events, people, and/or surroundings in a place separate from that person’s current physical location.

It has been used by Russian and American militaries and, probably, by many other government and private organizations, as well as by individuals.

It often involves giving “the remote viewer the longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates of the intended object of scrutiny. Another way of doing it is to give “viewers” a time in the past or future and ask them to describe what they see.

Below is a fascinating interview with the researcher, Stephan Schwartz, who has utilized thousands of remote viewers in research projects since 1978. You may be surprised at the predictions, and the video is well worth the time spent watching it.

7th ~ Unified Consciousness – Some Call It The Unified Field,

Or The Quantum Field, Or Universal Consciousness, or God

Regardless of what name and/or religious/scientific/agnostic attributes a person ascribes to it, the final enlightened state of consciousness currently known to mankind is unified consciousness.

In this state, an individual becomes aware that there only ever has been and will be one consciousness, and that is the consciousness that is currently in existence.

“The individual understands that life simply… is. There is nothing more, nothing less and nothing for us to search for. True enlightenment has been achieved once a person has fully come to terms with this rather scary and bleak concept.” (Mystic Sense)

Higher levels of consciousness are not permanent states of human existence. We glimpse them, experientially, but we return to the earth plane to live our lives.

Perhaps, one might have a “Road to Damascus – Apostle Paul” experience, but it is far more likely that a person will achieve this state through meditation or by having an NDE (Near Death Experience). I always think that NDEs are poorly named, given that the person has been technically and clinically dead and then returned to life. The label is unimportant. It is the experience that may be profound.

Magenta Contact Us sign

I hope you enjoy exploring these topics, as much as I do, albeit I usually do it in Sip & Share sessions on Zoom with some of my followers or in some of the many classes I teach online. If you would like to contact me about that, please email me at and put “Let’s keep learning!” in the subject line. Thank you very much in advance.

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We Are All Psychic: Discovering Your Own Hidden Abilities


purple and magenta depiction of two psychic people communicating with telepathyNancy teaching about psychic abilitiesHello, People! My orientation toward being “psychic” means being able to listen to your intuition and to follow its guidance to serve your highest good and the highest good of all concerned. I’ll be teaching a Zoom class on Sunday, October 4th, from 2 – 4 p.m. (EDT) for The Sage Sisters. All are welcome to register and attend. It’s called, “We Are All Psychic: Discovering Your Own Hidden Abilities.”
Below is the description. Go to…/we-are-all-psychic… if you want to learn more or register. If you’re interested in other kinds of classes that I teach, Click Here.
The goal of this class is for you to learn to recognize and tap into your own intuition to improve your life and the lives of those you love and serve.

About this Event

light bulb; insight, bright ideaConnecting to your intuition can improve your life in countless ways. We often use our logical minds by default and reject our gut feelings. But being open to our inner guidance can give us valuable insight that can help us improve our decision-making and, thus, our lives and the lives of those we care about.

woman flexing muscle - in black leotard with skeleton design

When we learn how to recognize, interpret, and act on our own guidance/intuition we also increase our self-confidence.

Continue Reading →

Classes ~ Using the Akashic Records to Heal Yourself

An Amazing Tool is Using the Akashic Records to Heal Yourself! Learn More.

head shot of a smiling Nancy Wyatt re certificationsHello, People ~ This subject is a little unusual. I’m sharing this old announcement to explain things, because accessing the Akashic Records to heal yourself is a concept and a tool worth knowing. You can learn it by booking me to teach one or more classes or by checking in your own area to find someone knowledgeable on the subject.The video in this post was an invitation to my classes about Using the Akashic Records to Heal Yourself. I hope some of you can attend the next time I present it. Let me know if you’re interested. I can teach it for one individual or for groups. If it is for a group Here’s my Change Your Life Meetup link.

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Putting Yourself First for A Change – Exploring A Self-Care Checklist

Change Your Life! Happy figures.Putting Yourself First for A Change

profile of woman in headscarf - looking down - ready for changeAs we know, all cultural training teaches women to take care of their family’s needs as the highest priority and at any cost. As nurturing spirits, we often extend that caring behavior to include everyone but ourselves. The result can be difficulty in “saying no,” setting boundaries and addressing one’s own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. NOW is the time to change our minds – in a GOOD way.

Young woman with hat and fur - Vector illustrationEach of us is just as valuable and worthy of loving attention as anyone else in the world. Let’s first recognize that and then act like it!

Among the many classes I teach, I facilitate classes and workshops on Putting Yourself First for a Change topics. They are based on my

CHANGE YOUR LIFE Self-Care Checklist.

Here are some examples: in which we discuss: Continue Reading →

Abundance and Right Work

Pot of Gold Rainbow Abundance and Right Work
Abundance & Right Work (w/bonus free Abundance Meditation)

Do you feel lost? Can’t figure out what you want to be IF you grow up? Are you looking for some divine inspiration to help you figure out how to make money while doing something you love that benefits others? This class is for you!

This is my first Meetup at the Infinite Energy Holistic Center, so I hope lots of you will support us! We’ll take time for some discussion and my Abundance and Right Work meditation. It can be used either as a meditation (before or replayed (looped) during sleep). I’ve also used it as an affirmation to listen to while awake. (If I were customizing one of these meditations for you, it would be oriented toward your specific desires about how you want to Change Your Life. This one is more “generic.”)

People who attend this class on April 6th will be able to download a complimentary copy of the meditation after the class.

Abundance & Right Work Class

(w/bonus free Abundance Meditation)

WHEN: Thursday, April 6, 2017   7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

WHERE: Infinite Energy Holistic Center, 9028 Prince William St., Suite D, Manassas, VA

HOW MUCH: Price: $20.00 /per person. You may RSVP and pay on-line at my new Change Your Life Meetup group. To do that, just click on the Change Your Life link right here, and it will take you to the Meetup page. You also may pay by CASH OR CHECK (PAYABLE TO MY PERSUASIVE PRESENTATIONS) at the door. BUT I STILL NEED THE HEADCOUNT IN ADVANCE, SO LET ME KNOW YOU ARE COMING by emailing me at Thanks so much for your help with this.

Have a blessed day and hope to see you on April 6th!

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Classes – Holistic Healing

Nancy Wyatt dressed in white teaching classes

This page is to let you know that I’m available to teach one of my most popular seminars (which also can be presented as a workshop). It is a Class on Holistic Healing techniques and styles, also known as  “Complementary and Alternative Medicine.”

I conduct the presentation in person throughout the Washington, D.C. Metro Area and the Winchester to Warrenton regions of Virginia. Of course, I can travel to you also, if you want to pay for the transportation and hotel! It is a 5-hour class, so is not well-suited for online presentation. (I know you would multitask and/or leave the device on which you’re streaming the class! You can’t kid me!)

This class provides an overview of several assumptions, theories, ethics and modalities related to complementary and alternative wellness practices for the student to explore. It is for people who want to get well, stay well, and live well without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. See the topics, goals of the class, and my certifications below and/or scroll to the bottom to sign up! 😉 Continue Reading →

Nancy Knows Us

Greetings, People! This is just a short blog to let you know I soon will have a new website up and running. It is called “”

The “My Get Well Guru” blog (where you are now) still will be the place to get in-depth blogs or information about various holistic healing and metaphysics topics.

The Nancy Knows Us website  also relates to wellness and metaphysics. However, its primary purpose is to better enable people to book me for Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, or spiritual counseling sessions. There will be a new blog, as well. Continue Reading →

Job Hunting

New Class ~ Job Hunting in the Age of Technology

What does job hunting have to do with wellness? That’s easy. Lack of employment and/or loss of job can cause enormous stress, which is hazardous to your health. So, I am adding this class to those listed on My Get Well Guru’s offerings.

hand with middle and index fingers crossed - as in the expression "cross your fingers" for good luckYou have to do a lot more than just cross your fingers to be successful in today’s job environment.

I have been involved in hiring procedures, as well as supervisory functions, during most of my extensive business career. I even created a complete Human Resources Department “from scratch”  for a company in New York City once upon a time. Plus, I have learned a lot from current Recruiters in a tough job market, where the rules, procedures, and expectations  “ain’t what they used to be.” Here are some examples.

  • Computers, not people, are scanning resumes first to determine whether the applicant used key words that the company wants.
  • Many HR Departments or Hiring Authorities won’t even read a resume, unless the applicant is on LinkedIn and has used those key words in the first few lines on the page.
  • If HR or the Hiring Authority scans your social media pages and does not like the content, you won’t be contacted.
  • Many initial interviews are now conducted on-line via Skype or other video sources. If the applicant does not do well, or has mishaps, like barking dogs in the background, it’s over and out.

stick figures shaking hands as they pop up out of separate laptop screensRecently, I compiled a resume and cover letter for a Virginia construction engineer who also is a cost estimator. He hired me as a professional writer for this task. Despite the tough job market, he was offered the job ~ on the phone ~ from the company headquarters in California ~ immediately upon the company’s receipt of his materials! In addition, they hired him after having already decided on a different applicant to whom they were about to off the job. It was Thrilling (and he wrote a great testimonial for me)!

group of figures talking while seated in a circleI also created a job hunting class, which gives tips to entry level job seekers, as well as to old pros. It is available for individuals and groups, as is my class on whether to and how to start a business, if you think the time is right to venture forth.

editing a documentYou can take my class. You can book me for either writing or editing services for your application materials. Also, you can do both! However, if you do book me to provide the writing services, you will get the class free of charge, as well as a free template for thank you letters.

Do whatever is likely to give you the greatest chance of victory after you read the class description below the victory image.

Click on “Continue Reading.” (It will take you to my other website (My Persuasive Presentations), and you can contact me from there for more information or to book me.celebrate figure riding on shoulders of 2 friendsContinue reading

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