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Chakras ~ Healing Classes

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Chakras Rule! Why would I say that? What are they? Chakras are energy centers in the body.  The word, chakra, means “wheel” or “disk” in Sanskrit. Commonly, the phrase for chakras is “spinning wheels of energy.” Each rules specific glands, organs, and emotions. They relate not only to your health but also to your relationships – from those with your parents and the “tribe” into which you were born – to those within your conception (or lack thereof) of “God,” not to mention your relationship with yourself.

Thus, chakra healing can help create and maintain body, mind, spiritual, and emotional health. It’s worth spending time to learn more about them and how deficiencies, excesses, and proper functioning affect our daily lives and experiences, in addition to our physical well-being. If you have issues, what can you do about it? Happily, that’s part of what I teach.

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I confess that this blog is backdated. While it may have looked like I was on vacation, I have been updating my chakra classes and teaching them weekly to a group of local holistic healers and metaphysicians…a process that will extend into Fall.

Still pressed for time, I’ll be brief here in describing what each chakra does and sharing what symbols are used to depict them. The symbols have their own meanings, and their colors are what sensitives have seen throughout the centuries as the associated hues on the rainbow spectrum. Each also resonates to a specific note on the musical scale.

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Chakras Rule Seven Primary Areas of Consciousness

We’ll start with the Crown Chakra at the top of the head and move downward to the base of the spine where the Root Chakra lives. First, here is the list of the elements and other aspects to which each chakra relates.

Chakra Correlations with bodies, e.g., emotional, mental, etc.Note: there are far more chakras than these. The seven are simply the largest and most noticeable governing chakras in the body.

In addition, these seven chakras are more like funnels in the front and the back of the body (connected in the area of the spine), rather than how they typically are shown as circles in the front.

One More Thinggreen frog wearing a silver crown - by CouleurYes, animals also have chakras that function similarly to those in humans. Below is an example in a picture I saw on Pinterest from onlinereikicourse. Click on that link if you would like to see how the person teaches animal healing.

  1. I am a Reiki Master and want to let you know that Reiki healing and chakra healing are not identical.
  2. I have not taken this class and, therefore, am not recommending it as anything other than a topic to investigate.
  3. The picture is a blessing, and I appreciate having the image available, so people can readily see what I’m talking about!

We’ll liken chakras to computers.

Chakras Rule as One of the Body’s Computers!

computer circuit board byby Michael Schwarzenberger

Like computer software, the Chakra system handles energetic Input, Processing, and Output. The system stores Experiences, Beliefs, and Values and influences Health, Relationships, and Esteem.

Meditation and Other Techniques Assist in Creating and Maintaining Chakra Health.

That, basically, is what my classes are about. Any rendition of the topics – here or there – is a gross oversimplification of the concepts and realities involved.

Still, we begin the discussion to raise awareness and to remind ourselves of what we know we could do to improve our quality of life. For example, one of the ways in which to help your chakra attain perfect balance is to play either the pertinent musical note itself for a protracted time or to use Solfeggio, Binaural Beats, or Healy frequencies (as examples) to attune the chakras to the right Hz. This is rather like using a tuning fork to tune a piano. I go into more depth about these options in the classes.

The Crown Chakra

Purple / Violet Crown Chakra

The 7th chakra color is violet or purple. It resonates with the musical note B.

It relates to the highest levels of consciousness.

Some see it as the gateway for communication with the Divine. Some believe that the soul enters and leaves the body through this portal.

The Third Eye Chakra

Indigo Ajna (Third Eye) ChakraThe 6th chakra color is indigo, a kind of combination of cobalt blue and purple. It resonates with the musical note A.

It relates to both vision and envisioning … the ability to see goals, for example, and, thus, to decide on steps to take to materialize desired outcomes. Clairvoyance stems from this area of consciousness.

The Throat Chakra

Blue Throat Chakra

The color of this 5th chakra is blue and might be seen as cobalt blue, powder blue, or shades in between. It resonates with the musical note G.

It not only is about communication, per se, but it also is about one’s judgment of his or her communications, as well as judgments made of others.

The Heart Chakra

Green Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is 4th, green, and resonates with the musical note F.

It is all about unconditional love. That, of course, may also entail forgiveness. It does not mean a person has no boundaries. Sometimes, unconditional love also is “Tough Love.”

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra

This 3rd chakra is the seat of personal power. The Solar Plexus Chakra is yellow and resonates with the note, E.

It is the point at which a person deals with duality and how they will relate to the world in terms of things like standing up for him or herself, adhering to their real beliefs, ethics, desires, etc.

The Sacral / Sexual Chakra

Orange Sacral / Sexual ChakraThe “Second” or Sacral Chakra is orange and resonates with the musical note D.

This chakra is the seat of creativity and procreativity. It is the beginning of making distinctions between the self (child) and parents. It governs sexuality and creativity.

The Root Chakra

Red - Root Chakra

The 1st chakra is all about survival. It is red and resonates with note C.

This chakra is associated with emotional fields such as fear, anger, life-force energy, energy to get up in the morning, and all things related to survival, such as the “fight or flight” mechanisms.

It is about your “tribe” = the family and culture in which you were born and/or raised.

Chakras Rule ~ Research Is Available

There are many classes and many resources available for a person to investigate. They tell you what foods, crystals, stones, herbs, and essences are most beneficial for balancing each chakra. They also tell you, in more depth, what issues are related to each chakra and may make suggestions for clearing and healing.

smiley face with long eyelashes - looking up with hands to mouthMy classes go into depth in these and other areas, and I have created (or still am creating) meditations apropos to each area of consciousness. So, I need to get back to it, as I have a new class to create before I present it tomorrow.

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