Chakra | Gingko Leaf Meditation Images

Chakra | Gingko Leaf

Chakra | Gingko Leaf ~ What? & Why?

Hello, People! Below, you’ll see I created some slides using the green Gingko Leaf to symbolize the heart chakra against the background of other chakra colors for meditations. This was a little gift to my students who took my weekly course, Chakras With Benefits, from July until the end of September. I call it Chakras With Benefits because I included information about several topics in addition to explaining concepts related to the chakra systems that exist in humans and other life forms. To see the images, Read More!

What Are Chakras?

You can take my classes (on this and many other subjects), but here is a wonderful video, by Kiran, that gives some great explanations. Even if you think you already know about chakras, you might find new ways of understanding them and their influences on body, mind, and spirit.

Chakra | Gingko Leaf ~ The Slides

In addition to using standard chakra colors in the backgrounds, I added some other colors symbolic of unconditional love, the earth, the void, and more. Let me explain below.

Note: no matter what color is depicted here, you should rely on whatever color comes to you, intuitively. There are several reasons why colors might change, be influenced by other chakras, or be different from what was expected. (That’s part of what we discuss in classes!)

CHAKRA ENERGY CENTERSSilhouetted person in lotus pose with chakras shown

The 3 lower chakras are masculine in energy; the heart is androgynous; and, the 3 upper chakras relate to levels of spiritual consciousness that are feminine in nature. There are MANY more, but these are the seven primary chakras to which people typically refer that govern various organs, endocrine glands, emotions, and areas of consciousness.

We Started at the Root (at the Base of the Spine).

The root chakra at the base of the spine is red. During meditation – with a softened gaze –  you could stare at the dark red (like wine) version to get more grounded in the earth plane (brown). The lighter (cherry red) image might be used for cleansing, clearing, and energizing that chakra.

Gingko Chakras Root

The 2nd Sacral/Sexual Chakra

The second chakra is the Sacral/Sexual chakra is about creativity and procreativity. Its color is orange. Some people might even see the slide above as dark orange, and it’s okay to use it, but here is another, lighter orange version for those who prefer it.

3rd – Solar Plexus – Chakra = Power/Powerlessness

I should note that each chakra is influenced by others, so a deep gold may contain some of the aspects of the 2nd chakra, whereas a lighter yellow could be more of what you sense or see. As a consequence, I chose three versions for my students – and now, for YOU.

Now, the Androgenous Chakra – the Heart Chakra Where Spiritual & Physical Meet


Emerald (or other shades of) green are associated with the heart chakra. However, PINK is the color associated with unconditional love! So, I added more versions in case you want to concentrate on expanding your love to much broader recipients (like to all people, to the earth, to animals, etc.) or you want your love to be less conditional. (The latter is like, “I’ll love you if you love me back,” or “I’ll really love you if you behave like I want you to.”)

Bright Pink or Magenta is LOVE IN ACTION!

Next, We Turn to the High Heart Chakra (not one of the basic 7) And/Or the Color One Might See at the Throat Chakra Area

Then, the Indigo of the 6th (Third Eye) Chakra

Crown Chakra – at the Top of the Head

Bonus Slides

Black for meditation on the heart chakra and the creation of material or other things “out of the void.” Brown for concentrating on grounding and earth. White for accessing the highest levels of spiritual growth.

Chakra | Gingko Leaf Meditation Images

If you would like to have a copy of these slides – either as a PowerPoint presentation, so you can stop on the one you choose to see at any given time, or as a PDF, feel free to email me at, and I’ll email the link to you. Of course, another option is to look at them in the small pictures you see here.

Talk soon!

Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, and Live Well!

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