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Greetings, People! This is just a short blog to let you know I soon will have a new website up and running. It is called “”

The “My Get Well Guru” blog (where you are now) still will be the place to get in-depth blogs or information about various holistic healing and metaphysics topics.

The Nancy Knows Us website  also relates to wellness and metaphysics. However, its primary purpose is to better enable people to book me for Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, or spiritual counseling sessions. There will be a new blog, as well.

Nancy Knows Us Blog ~ Tea & Tidbits

Tea in a cup, a bouquet of a lilac and beautiful service for Nancy Knows UsThe blog, currently conceived as “Tea & Tidbits,” will replace the  “Ayanna’s Advice” blog with which some of you are familiar.

In Tea and Tidbits, I’ll answer frequently asked questions, or I’ll be sharing my own thoughts about topics – perhaps, through videos. Sometimes, the blog topics will be rather elegant.

brightly colored cups in a curved tower for Nancy Knows UsOther times, we’ll be getting down “to the real nitty gritty.”

Tea Ceremony with Blooming Tea in pot for Nancy Knows Us

We might even learn about Tea Ceremonies, as part of a way in which to create better health while soothing mind, emotions, and spirit.


I have not decided on all the content yet, since I’m still working on creating the website. It will feature more than good ole’ me talking, however. I expect to link you to a professional nutritionist and meal planner through that site, as well as making referrals to other service providers.

organic fruits and veggies

stick figure - coffee_table_talk_ for Nancy Knows UsOf course, I’ll also be talking about Life Coaching, spiritual counseling, and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, as well as creating new HypnoMeditations, which will be available for purchase. In addition, I welcome suggestions from you as to what you would like for me to discuss; so let me know!

Don’t go to the site yet. It probably still shows pictures of a gorgeous young health coach, who is named Ashleigh! ‘Tis not I. I’ll send out another message when I’m ready for you. In the meantime…

Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, and Live Well!


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