From Grief to Relief

How Can You Go From Grief to Relief?

Adapt, Reframe, Plan – Then Find and Feel Relief

To go from grief to relief, adaptation clearly is critical to our success. The New Year is upon us, bringing continued threats of an ongoing pandemic, inflation, losing or changing employment, and even the potential of a world war as Russia threatens further invasion of Ukraine. That’s the global view. In addition, most of us have personal challenges that may include the death of a loved one.

What is a person to do to stay sane and productive? How can one acquire or maintain the good mental health that is so important for physical health? Let’s get personal.

Going from Grief to Relief May Involve Reframing

It can start with reframing your outlook or understanding of things that have happened to you, as you navigate forward. We’ll offer an extreme example and then an all-too-common life challenge. Finally, we’ll talk about the aftermath of the death of a loved one (human or animal) for whom you may have been Care Giver. Continue Reading →

Helping Others Who Are Coping with Loss

Helping Others Who Are Coping with Loss of a Loved One

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Female hands holding cups of coffee on rustic wooden table I am a Holistic Healer and was a long-term volunteer in a shelter for homeless people, who suffered from AIDS, addictions, diabetes, and many other ailments (including broken hearts). In my life and in those roles, I have been privileged to provide company and assistance to both humans and animals as they made their transition to the next realm.

Almost everyone I know has suffered life-changing loss and bereavement, whether that relates to health, a career, or a loved-one. I love being able to help people in those circumstances. In addition, I recently taught a series of classes on physical and spiritual ways to recover from deeply-felt loss…usually related to the death of a family member. So, I was interested in an article by Heather Plett, a Canadian, who wrote about 13 Sensitive Ways to Help Someone in Mourning. Continue Reading →