Helping Others Who Are Coping with Loss

Helping Others Who Are Coping with Loss of a Loved One

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Female hands holding cups of coffee on rustic wooden table I am a Holistic Healer and was a long-term volunteer in a shelter for homeless people, who suffered from AIDS, addictions, diabetes, and many other ailments (including broken hearts). In my life and in those roles, I have been privileged to provide company and assistance to both humans and animals as they made their transition to the next realm.

Almost everyone I know has suffered life-changing loss and bereavement, whether that relates to health, a career, or a loved-one. I love being able to help people in those circumstances. In addition, I recently taught a series of classes on physical and spiritual ways to recover from deeply-felt loss…usually related to the death of a family member. So, I was interested in an article by Heather Plett, a Canadian, who wrote about 13 Sensitive Ways to Help Someone in Mourning. Continue Reading →