Your Fingernails Tell Health Stories!

See What Your Manicurist Sees When Looking at Your Fingernails!

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The manicurist might not recognize the symptoms your fingernails portray. However, some practitioners of Eastern and Western Medicine or of Holistic Healing Modalities can identify health problems by looking at your fingernails before you cover them up with nail polish. Human fingernail types Vector illustration

Here are some resources before we continue. They help define our terms of Eastern, Western, and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM / holistic healing). They also provide more pictures and links than I can include in this blog.

The National  Institute of Health (NIH) compares Eastern and Western approaches to medicine and health.

An easier way to understand it may be found in the blog of a person who has practiced “all of the above.” Dr. Emili Kim describes his findings.

man in light blue shirt looking at his fingernailsINancy Wyatt am neither a physician nor a practitioner of Eastern Medicine. However, I am certified in a number of holistic healing (CAM) methods. I can share what they know and what I know as you stare at your fingernails.

East Meets West with Holistic Healing in the Center

chart of fingernails and disease conditionsdrawing of feet showing common foot problems Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, alternative medicine, and now Western medicine often agree on the value of “reading” fingernails (and toenails), eyes, ears, and tongues in the diagnostic process.

That’s why the American doctor has you stick out your tongue and say “Aaa-aaaa-ah.”

drawing of an ear and the related parts of the body in reflexology termsIt is how reflexologists can help you by manipulating points on your ears! Of course, that implies you can help yourself by massaging your own ears (hands, feet, etc.)!

That’s also how Louise Hay (a world-renown holistic healer) could correlate physical symptoms with emotional symptoms as the underlying causes and effects of “dis-eases.”

Louise Hay’s books, “Heal Your Body” and “You Can Heal Your Life”  include a list of most body parts and the associations of psychological or emotional issues with symptoms. Those indicators occur when the body is communicating with you about issues to which you need to pay attention. Louise then offers affirmations for each condition. They can help you change your thinking and heal your body in the process. Although she passed away, her work goes on, and you can learn from her and her followers.

Fingernails with nail fungusToday, we’re going to concentrate on fingernails analysis. We’ll see what relationships exist between physical organs and fingernail appearances. Then, we’ll look at  the psychological states relating to those appearances. More about that in a minute.

Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Remedies

Ayurveda, the Science of Self Healing book coverBriefly, my favorite little book about Ayurvedic science is by Dr. Vasant Lad. It is called, Ayurveda, the Science of Self-Healing.

Understanding Disease Conditions

Below are some examples of disease conditions related to the visible state of your fingernails. I’ve included links for Dr. Lad, The Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists International, Natural Health Techniques Fingernail Analysis, and WebMD. They have articles about fingernails and health. Here’s another one about health and beauty.

Fingernail Analyses

What to Look For in Medicine and Alternative Medicine Viewpoints

These fingers (or “digits”) reflect conditions in various organs and body systems, as follows.

  • Thumb: brain, excretory system and reproductive organs.
  • Index Finger: liver, gallbladder, and the nervous system.
  • Middle Finger: heart and circulation.
  • Ring Finger: reproductive organs and the hormonal system.
  • Little Finger: digestive system.

Now, let’s match that up with Louise Hay’s list of what each finger signifies. She says fingers represent the “details of life.” She offers affirmations to help you address these issues as relates to your own life.

  • Thumb: intellect and worry
  • Index Finger: ego and fear
  • Middle Finger: Anger and sexuality
  • Ring Finger: unions and grief
  • Little Finger: family and pretending

Let’s use just one example for the sake of relative brevity. (We could have many classes on this subject.)

“Vertical Ridges and Split Nails

OMG - Oh My God symbol re eyesight

There are lots of conditions which may be indicated by this symptom. You and your healthcare provider will have to determine which ones are applicable to you. Here are some possibilities.

Adrenal gland problems

arthritic tendencies


broken heart


calcium deficiency

constant fatigue

chronic inflammation

continual stress


emotional trauma

excretory system conditions

hyperactivity or overexertion

iron deficiency

kidney problems


nervous problems

poor digestion/absorption in the small intestine

chemicals from food, dieting

protein deficiency

respiratory problems


Vitamin A deficiency

yeast and other fungi

lupus, chemo or radiation side effect

drugs or prescription use.

You can see that many of these conditions are related to one another. For example, we all know there are several consequences simply to having “a broken heart.”

Nails Protect You and Also Need Protection

Nails, according to Louise Hay, relate to “protection.” Physically, they protect the fingers which we use to reach out in life and to do work. Even the cuticle of the nails provides protection against disease and infection. That, by the way, is why your manicurist should “push back” the cuticles gently, NOT cut them!   

What Is The Point of Talking About Fingernails?

hand with middle and index fingers crossed - as in the expression "cross your fingers" for good luckThe objective is to remind you that your body “talks to you.” It provides many clues about issues you must address while they’re still small. Body, mind, emotions, and soul are connected. They constantly strive for good health and balance. We must help achieve that.  Don’t just “cross your fingers” and hope for the best! Take action.

I cannot and do not diagnose or claim to cure any physical or medical condition. I recommend you contact your healthcare provider(s) for good advice.

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