Autumn Leaves Meditation


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Autumn Leaves Meditation

The Autumn Leaves Meditation is lengthy and was designed to be read to meditators in one of my classes. You may record it (for your own use only), so you can listen to it while in the meditative state. Its purpose is to enable you to become still, to plant the seeds of what you hope to manifest (the “Winter Crop”) with the expectation that the fruits of this labor will arise in good and perfect time. Please contact me if you would like to purchase this as a recording with meditation music in the background.

Okay, isolate yourself from all distractions, get comfortable, relax, and we’ll get started now!

The Autumn Leaves Meditation

Let us be still for a moment
Breathe in the clean air
Slowly release it

We’re going to take a trip now
High into the mountains.
If you want to, you can leave your body behind
And take only your consciousness and your senses with you.

We have reached the purple canyons, with their tall peaks, and splendorous valleys.
It is a dazzling sunny day.
Puffy white clouds float overhead.
The sky is azure blue.
Feel yourself merge with the blue and white
Until you are surrounded and then filled with them.
There are no forms. There is only color.
Be at one with the color that comes to you.

Our eyes sweep downward and across the landscape now.
The pungent breath of Autumn has touched the land.
The deep purple cast of the mountains
Lies against the blue sky,
Speckled by an array of colors.
Saturate your heart with the deep green harmony of the forest pines,
Be cheered by the bright yellow of aspen leaves
Whispering their stories in the wind
As orange flares reveal oak’s sparse dressing
And the deep red of sumac glances up at the yellow-red maple trees.

There is a lively freshness to the air … An expectancy …
A crispness, reminding us of sweet/tart caramel candied apples
And visions of multicolored gourds among Indian maize
Surrounding a display of pumpkins.

As we breathe in and out – slowly and deeply – we become one with the breath.

We are the Life Force – pulsating through wilderness –
Enlivening everything we see and touch.
Feel yourself stirring with Life. Feel it bubbling inside you.
Feel it welling upward in spirals of energy.

With eyes closed, we watch the leaves changing colors in slow motion.
We, the Life Force, sense our slowing as we inhabit the sap of the tree.
We grow thicker, more still, cooler, and colder.
Slowly we withhold nourishment from the leaves
Causing them to change in hue from forest green
To myriad reds, yellows, oranges, and brown.

We watch the tiny veins pulsing more and more slowly
As we now become one with the leaf,
We are the leaf.
We feel ourselves becoming smaller and lighter
Smaller and lighter until we can detach from the tree
That has given us life for the year.

We know it is time to let go
Time to float freely wherever the winds take us
Time to release all fear and tension
Time to release all resistance
Time to let go and let God.
As we swirl for our precious moments in free-fall flight
Severed from all attachments and entering the unknown,
We feel a bit ungrounded
But giddy and free
And full of wonder at what is to come
Finally, a moment which is not predictable
And does not feel preordained
Finally, a moment of choice about where and whether to land.

Oh yes, we shall land once,
But, maybe, we won’t choose to stay there.
Maybe we’ll decide we could do better.
Maybe we’ll allow the wind to pick us back up
And whirl us down the street to a new home
Where there are new people to play with
And new sights to see.

Maybe we’ll land on a bush or another tree
Fairly near our own
Giving us an entirely different perspective
While we view the same familiar things.

Maybe a human will pluck us from our nesting place
Fanning us out into formation
With a hundred of our kin
Leaving us frozen in time as a decoration,
Admiring our beauty,
But never seeing the life inside
As if we were an inanimate object

Maybe the wind will flutter us into the waterways,
And we’ll see worlds upon worlds of new things.
We may bump into branches and rocks along the way
Yet, imagine what we shall see, learn and experience
On that tumultuous journey
That we never would have encountered
Had we stayed where first we fell.

But now, let us stop at our winter resting place
The foot of a huge, old tree.
Let us rest on the ground now
And smell the good earth
Made rich by the nutrients of our decay.

Remember, you are the Life Force of the leaf
Slowly leaving the body
Sinking deeper, and deeper into the ground
Through the dark brown of the earth
Down to the roots of the tree
And, once again, you envelope the roots
And penetrate them with your very essence.

You are the Life Force – bound up in the tree –
Lying quietly dormant for the winter.
While you regroup and strengthen yourself
While you assimilate what you learned on your journey
While you become more of who you are in each year of your maturation.
And follow the pathways of your existence.

We, the Life Force, are about to plant the winter crop.
We are tilling the soil.
Uprooting that which no longer serves the higher good.
Shedding all that is not needed for our future growth.
We/You, the Life Force, are deciding now what seeds to sow for the winter
Their bright and wondrous faces will appear to us in the Spring.

We/You are the Life Force.
We/You are the original thought, the originating concept.
Take your time now, and think of what seeds you want to sow
What seeds you want to have held in the womb while they germinate into perfection.

• Who do you want to be next?
• What do you want to be next?
• Where do you want to be next?
• How do you want to be next?
• By when do you want to have manifested this change?
• Why do you want to be or to have anew?

We/You are going to plant deeply and nourish well.
So, choose carefully, knowing why you select what you choose.
Ensure it will be for the highest good for all concerned.
Re work your thoughts, if necessary, to be sure of that.

Now, pick the most important or your most favorite concept –
Something you want to plant as the Winter Crop in this new season –
Knowing that you can go through the same process later for each of your other desires.

Hold the thought fully in the front of your mind.
Picture it in every detail.
• How does it look?
• Are you in the picture? How do you look?
• How does it sound?
• How does it smell?
• How does it feel? How do you feel as you experience it? If anything about it brings discomfort, change that thing until you feel joy or are at peace.
• How does it taste?
• What is its essential nature?

Now take that thought – as a three-dimensional, holographic picture and imagine it is becoming surrounded by you, as the Life Force.

You, the Life Force, are taking the round or oval shape of a seed, creating a protective shell around this idea.

Now feel yourself as the seed. You hold within you all the power of creation. You hold within you the embryonic thought which will germinate, under proper care, and will manifest in the perfect time, in the perfect place, in the perfect way, for the good of all concerned.

Watch from your mind’s eye, as the dark brown earth opens up into a hollow just perfect for your size and shape.

As you lightly drop down, feel the consciousness of your pulsating Life Force joining the pulsating Life Force of Mother Earth.
Feel yourself resonate with the rhythms of Mother Earth.
Synchronize yourself to her heartbeats.
Be at one with Beloved Mother Earth.

Somehow, you are warmed and comforted by the cold earth surrounding you on all sides – like a rich and fertile womb.
There is great security in feeling the firmness of the earth all around you.
There is air as tiny molecules bounce all around you, tickling your shell.
There is protection from all harm.
There is room to grow.

Plant the seed and don’t disturb it. Whatever the thought is, do not keep going back and digging it up to look at it and see how it is doing or to show anyone else how it is doing. Seeds only sprout when left alone with Earth and God, Time and Patience.
Plant the seed with love, patience, a giving spirit, and the acceptance of abundance as your birthright.

• Water the seed with regular prayer and meditation. Intone the sacred names, into it and into the vibratory patterns of the earth around it.

• Weed it daily, keeping it from impure thoughts, negativity, gossip, false values.

• Aerate the soil, bringing fresh air to it every time you think of it, by envisioning it coming to pass, or by saying and writing your affirmations. While you do this, smile into the seed form, bringing all the warmth of the sun of your soul to bear in the care and nurturing of this precious thought.

Let’s work on this in silence now. Once again, we are going to picture our dream in great detail. See how it looks, sounds, tastes, smells, feels, and see its essential nature, as you, still the Life Force, infuse it with your life-giving energy for perfect growth and development.

Now, in keeping with the idea of planting the seed and not disturbing it, let us turn away, releasing the birth and growth of our desire to the care of the Creator God, knowing that this or something better will manifest for us in accordance with the Divine Will and our own.
Let us give thanks – heartfelt thanks – for the opportunity to create our own reality and for the help of the angelic and divine forces in causing it to manifest. As we turn our attention away, once again we see the brown earth.

We still are the Life Force, and we experience ourselves now as the White Light, moving from the earth upward into our human bodies, sparking the red sphere of light at the base of our spines, moving upward and enlivening the orange globe of energy in our abdomens, rising to the sunny yellow of the solar plexus, and elevating then to the beautiful green surrounding the heart chakra.

Next, we soar upward into the powder blue of the throat, the deep purple between the brows; and, finally, we burst into the lavender and white at the crown of the head and above.

As the white light of the Life Force we spill quickly downward in a shower of light all around the body, forming an egg-shaped cascade of shimmering light.

As we reach the feet, we move up again, like a laser of light from the feet through the spine in middle of the body, torching each of the chakras, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and lavender, and again, we spill out in a shower of golden white light filling the egg-shaped aura around our bodies with pure and divine light.

Once more, we rise as White Light energy from our feet grounded in the earth, infusing the seven chakra centers, pulsating them red, orange, yellow, green, glue, indigo, and spilling out of the Crown Chakra to cascade downward, permeating our entire auric field with Love and Life.

At last, we picture that beautiful light and anchor it, along with the seed of our desire, deep in our beings, securing them within our hearts and into the area around the navel. From these points, the fulfillment of our desires will grow, fed through the umbilical cord of the second chakra with the love that comes from our hearts.

May we be blessed, and may we bless others with our creation.
So be it.
So it is.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, and Live Well!


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