Benefits of Clay

 Benefits of Clay? Here is an Update!

yellow and blue parrots eating clay on a clay cliffI devoted a whole page on this web site to the benefits of clay as a drink, a pack, a poultice, etc., and I hope you will read it after you check out the update!  Clay has been used, internally and externally, throughout the world for centuries by humans, animals, birds, and insects for its curative value.  The benefits of clay include its ability to detoxify the body, strengthen bones and teeth, draw out toxins, metals, parasites, etc. Special clays can be ingested (drunk by people or animals or mixed into food). Wait ’til you see a partial list of uses (below)! It’s mind-blowing! (Yes, I have used clay for many of these problems, so I know this is TRUE.)

Benefits of Clay


I am not diagnosing, treating, or claiming to cure any disease or injury. Consult with your health provider before you utilize the following.

Update: the Living Clay (company) has been sold to a great company, which should be able to make the clay available in many stores, so you do not have to order it from California. The products will be the same, proven, pristine products.

Update: the book is being updated and will be retained by the authorLiving Clay Book and Clay

Update: I just discovered the monthly webinars, where you can learn more by getting on their mailing list. Here’s what the founder, Perry A~ Arledge said:

“These webinars are NOT your average ‘sales pitch in disguise’ seminars. They are question and answer sessions where listeners present their questions, and Perry A~ Arledge, author of Calcium Bentonite Clay, Nature’s Pathway to Healing, supplies the answers.

Perry A~ Arledge”

(512) 262-7187

Benefits of Clay

Bottle of Liquid ClayAt random, I picked February, 2015, to get some examples of what Perry talks about. The February, 2015 link discusses:

  • dental uses
  • sensitivity to chemicals
  • extreme food allergies
  • combining magnesium with clay
  • using clay while in an infra-red sauna
  • shingles (the customer had no pain; it cleared up twice as fast as the doctor said it would)
  • use it on pets (digestion, remove parasites, arthritis, shiny coats, Parvovirus (dog’s disease, which may originate in cats), chickens
  • uses in organic gardening
  • use as deodorant (including cases of extreme body odor)
  • flu
  • outer ear infection
  • uterine lining reconstruction
  • enema
  • tumors
  • hemorrhoids
  • colon issues (IBS, Chron’s disease, etc.)
  • fevers
  • rashes
  • migraines
  • cleansing eyes from eyelid pack
  • swollen gums
  • bone density
  • and more!

How To Use and Get The Most Benefits from Clay

Living Clay Detox PowderMy best sources are The Living Clay and Redmond Clay. The typical liquid dose is 2 oz. 3 X a day on a daily basis; more is better for addressing symptoms.

Combine clay powder to water at a ratio of 1 part clay to 3 parts water in a glass, ceramic, or food-grade plastic container with a non-metal, air-tight lid. For example, add ½ cup (4 oz.) of clay powder to 12 ounces of water. Cover and shake vigorously for about a minute or until all lumps are gone. ~ Mixing Instructions – Living Clay › mixing-instructions

Healthy smoothies with fresh ingredients on a kitchen board.

You can add powder clay to fruits and vegetables in a blender; in a juicer, do the juicing first; then add liquid clay mixture. It also can be mixed with soups…great way to get your doses it in the cold of winter. Clay/coffee enemas also are possible! Click here for mixing instructions.

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