Healthy Household Tips Using Sponges

Innovative and Healthy Household Tips with Sponges

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This is a wonderful link from a Facebook page belonging to Beauty and Health. It shows you 20 great ways to use an everyday sponge with a rough backing. The video demonstrates how to clean things you’ve been unsuccessful in cleaning before, like the small hose on a decorative fountain. These tips are a health enhancer, especially if you have kids who might put objects into their mouths and who touch everything in sight. Here is the link to the video Amazing Uses for Sponges re Health.

What ARE sponges, anyway?

They are animals! From Wikipedia:

Sponges are similar to other animals in that they are multicellular, heterotrophic, lack cell walls and produce sperm cells. Unlike other animals, they lack true tissues and organs, and have no body symmetry. The shapes of their bodies are adapted for maximal efficiency of water flow through the central cavity, where it deposits nutrients, and leaves through a hole called the osculum. Many sponges have internal skeletons of spongin and/or spicules of calcium carbonate or silicon dioxide. All sponges are sessile aquatic animals. Although there are freshwater species, the great majority are marine (salt water) species, ranging from tidal zones to depths exceeding 8,800 m (5.5 mi).

Learn more here.

Now, if you REALLY want to know more – from a more scientific perspective – check out this link to the Oceanic Research Group. These creatures were never intended to be in our kitchens and bathrooms! They are amazing.

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