Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and HypnoMeditations

Hypnotherapy and HypnoMeditations! They work, and it is fun!

Beach SceneNamaste! This page is to let you know that I am certified as a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, at the Master Level. For some time, I have been accepting clients for spiritual guidance consultations, which now may include Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), if you wish. Note: all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, which simply means the person has reached a state of deep relaxation, which can allow expanded awareness and greater insights into solving issues they face. Those concerns may be about fears, phobias, limiting beliefs, and or simply feeling “stuck” or procrastinating.

How Does A Transpersonal HypnoTherapy Session Work?

Nancy Wyatt

(Don’t be shocked, if my hair color is different from what is was in any images you have seen. I like to play sometimes!)

Now, down to business ~

  • A client contacts me, and we have a brief conversation to determine whether we would like to spend time together working on the issue(s) at hand.
  • The individual provides information to me about him  or herself and the concerns they want to address plus order of priority. All information is held in strict confidence.
  • I use that information to conduct the first session, during which we explore both the problems and suggested solutions further.
  • At least one follow-up session is required, because I shall use the information from our first meeting to conduct the second one, and I shall customize a meditation for you to have and to use at home. (Click on the sample below to hear the “Abundance and Right Work” HypnoMeditation.)
  • Many hours of work are required of me; but the rates are charged only for the consultation time we spend together.
  • More sessions are scheduled, as desired by the client. Note: only one issue can be addressed at a time in these kinds of modalities.
  • Regression therapy (into childhood or “past lives”) typically is not done during early sessions. However, memories may arise spontaneously, and we shall use them for your benefit. If you specifically request regression therapy, I will discuss that with you, and we will make the decision of how soon to do that kind of work.

    Recorded HypnoMeditations

Stacked rocks on waterIn case you have not seen my page about Meditation and HypnoMeditations, I repeat here that you now have the opportunity to subscribe to my original creations of “HypnoMeditations” – beautiful, self-hypnosis meditations which help you overcome fears, limiting beliefs, unwanted habits, and more. They are designed to assist you in attracting good things in your life and in fulfilling your dreams. The monthly subscription will provide you with a new meditation once a month, on a variety of subjects. The cost is only $8.00 (U.S. dollars)!  As a bonus, I’ll be happy to include my monthly newsletter on a variety of wellness topics.

Here is a sample of my HypnoMeditation about finding Abundance and Right Work, and comments from one of my Transpersonal Hypnotherapy mentors.

Beautiful work! Beautiful! Nancy I loved the script.  Deeply Spiritual! …. It is just wonderful. Your voice and music are soothing and (the) script is a spiritual experience!

To those of you reading this on my website, I would greatly appreciate your giving me feedback and comments about it.  I have not had time to get to a professional recording studio yet; but this gives you the idea. You should listen to it, lying down, in a completely restful place, for about 20 minutes. If you like it and want to hear more HypnoMeditations on other subjects, subscribe below for $8 per month via the PayPal link below. Of course, you also can contact me separately to design something specifically for your needs. I will not share your contact information with anyone else, unless you ask me to.

 I create affirmations, visualizations, and meditations, customized for you. I also teach classes (for individuals or groups) in meditation, metaphysics, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) (holistic healing), and several other unrelated topics. Let’s schedule a talk about your situation in order to create something lovely just for you.

Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, and Live Well!

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