Why Drink Clay?

 Drink Clay? Are you CRAZY?

yellow and blue parrots eating clay on a clay cliffWell, no. Neither are the birds, insects, animals, and people all over the world who use it to cleanse and detox. (There are some birds that eat only a poisonous berry as their whole diet. After they eat it, they go immediately to specific cliffs and eat the clay to detox!) I bet your great-grandparents also knew about it, but they probably did not know how to get the best kind for internal use: properly-mined calcium bentonite clay.

Why Do I Talk About Clay So Often?

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Answer: because it has such GREAT healing properties. It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and can do so much for you. It takes toxins, bacteria, viruses, and metals out of the body. I’ll tell you how in a minute. My Get Well Guru page about this subject shows a chart of several symptoms that may be reversed or eliminated by using this wonderful, natural product. (I don’t sell it, so don’t think this is just a hype for my monetary gain.)

Why Drink Clay?

Bottle of Liquid ClayYou may think the concept of using clay in or on our bodies is a bit strange; but, surprise, we already do it! It is an ingredient in the following common substances and many more.


  • Hair products
  • Toothpaste
  • Soaps
  • Lipstick
  • Mascara
  • Foundation Makeup
  • Bath products
  • Deodorants
  • Products to help with symptoms like diarrhea
  • Products used for rashes, burns, and bites

swirls in beige sand with 4 rocks stacked on top of each otherThese products, however, often contain other ingredients that are harmful or include fragrances. Plus, there are additional ways to use clay – in a drink – to detox and to address symptoms of dis-ease. Empowered Sustenance is a website that gives suggestions for finding products in a healthful form from specific companies.


What If I Take Medications?

two red and white pill capsulesIf you are taking medications, drinking clay mixtures is contraindicated. It could render the medications ineffective as it may pull the medications out of you.


Bone Health ~ Topical Tips Living Clay Detox PowderI first learned about it from Living Clay Company, the company in California where the highest quality ingestible kinds can be purchased. I have had severe intestinal issues, diagnosed as the nebulous Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). My doctors neither identified the cause nor provided a cure of the symptoms. Clay was the best tool I then used to detox and heal myself. I wrote about it and gave you a list of additional uses on this Get Well Guru webpage. But here’s a short summary of basics.


How Does Clay Work?

Absorption and Adsorption

It works in two ways per these quotes from the book, “Living Clay:”


is the process of drawing substances into the clay’s internal molecular structure –  similar to a sponge absorbing water.


is the process by which substances stick to the outside surface of a clay molecule  – similar to the way a strip of Velcro works.”

Opposites Attract

red magnet pulling in the words "Opposites Attract"

Electrical ionic charge.  Our bodies are attacked by things which have a positive charge, and clay has a negative charge.  You know the saying, “Opposites Attract.”  That’s what happens when the clay attracts those bacteria, viruses, fungi, diseases, toxins, metals, synthetic chemicals, and more to take them out of the body.


Mixing and Storage Instructions

Living Clay Company helps us learn. Click here for:

  • Mixing instructions to make drinks
  • How to Make Your Own Clay Mask
  • Suggestions for Using a Poultice
  • Proper Handling and Storage

Why You MUST NOT Use Metal Utensils or Containers with Clay

magnet attracting metal piecesSince most toxins are positively charged, metal molecules can be pulled from the container or utensils into the clay to such a high degree that the clay then cannot pull the toxins from your body. Thus, it is important to use glass or plastic to mix your drinks, potions, or poultices. That’s exactly why the source of your purchase also is important. Clay must be mined so as not to be contaminated with metals.


Is the Aluminum in Clay Harmful?

Empowered Sustenance (ES) offers great information about bentonite clay. Here is an excerpt, which ES got from Redmond, as it addressed concerns about the aluminum components.

“Aluminum occurs naturally in our bodies, and in Redmond Clay. As with everything else we put in our bodies, the source and form of aluminum make a big difference in how our bodies use it. The molecular structure of bentonite, especially the high negative charge of the aluminum, makes it impossible for the aluminum to leach into our systems. Instead, the aluminum leaves our bodies the old-fashioned way—along with the positively-charged toxins and impurities that the clay has bonded to. At a chemical level, much of clay’s healing benefit depends on aluminum.”

Living Clay Book and ClayAgain, Living Clay Company distributed this wonderful book, which explains everything from mining processes, to how to detox and many more healthful uses.


Where Can You Buy the Good Stuff?

The Living Clay Company (calcium bentonite) This is the California source which has the wonderful book that first educated me about using clay internally, and they sell products in powder, cream, and liquid forms.

Mountain Rose Herbs (sodium bentonite, for the strongest detoxing properties) I have not used this source, but it has been recommended by others.

Redmond (sodium/calcium bentonite mix) This is the brand of powder form clay that I found at Whole Foods and found it to be wonderful for mixing into drink form.

Frontier (both calcium bentonite) (I have not used this source, but it has been recommended by others.

I hope you will learn about the various uses of this marvelous natural substance and use it well. Let me know of your experiences when you try it!

Let‘s Get Well, Stay Well, Live Well, and  Change Our Lives Together Now!







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