Reiki – What To Expect in a Reiki Practitioner Session

What Happens In an Hour-Long Reiki Treatment?

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What You May Experience During A Reiki Session With Ayanna

Reiki hands with white light healing energy on man outdoors

The following description is how I conducted sessions when I was an active Reiki practitioner. I share it now because many other practitioners do it in a similar way. This description can help you decide if you want to experience an in-person Reiki treatment. It’s wonderful, and you may even want to become certified as a Reiki provider.

Reiki Kanji Symbol for healing at a distanceNote: Reiki (and some other forms of healing) can be conducted in absentia (long-distance) with or without a surrogate who is present with the practitioner. (The practitioner must be certified at Reiki II level or above to do distance healing.)

Reiki is not massage. The body is not being rubbed or manipulated as it would be with a massage therapist or chiropractic treatment. The only commonality is that a massage table may be used.

Phase I – Talking With The Practitioner

2 WOMEN TALKINGWe shall spend the first few minutes in quiet conversation to become attuned to one another and to determine if there is a particular life challenge (physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual) on which you wish to focus.

Perhaps you are interested in overcoming fears, phobias, and limiting beliefs. Perhaps you have a mysterious pain in part of your body. Maybe you lack energy, or can’t sleep, or want to overcome a bad habit. Maybe you’re doing just fine, but you want to expand your horizons in spiritual or professional development.

You don’t have to cry,

but it’s perfectly okay if you do

at any time during the treatment!

Woman with Reiki practitioner crying and talking while practitioner offers Kleenex

I have many tools in my toolbox. They range from Life Coaching, to Spiritual Counseling, to some very specific health products, as well as classes. We might select Transpersonal Hypnotherapy or Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NL). We might choose the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT / “tapping.”) Usually, a combination of “tools” works best. I customize them for each individual and each specific situation. Everything I do attempts to get to the root of things at the causal level. Reiki is no exception, and it is a very lovely, peaceful approach.

a Reiki treatment

Ground Rules

  • We will respect one another’s time. We’ll start on time and end on time, unless there is agreement to work longer than the originally scheduled appointment. (If the practitioner has time to extend the session, prorated fees are the norm.)
  • You will remain fully clothed during the treatment, but you may take off your shoes. (Be aware of this. If someone tells you to disrobe, they have something in mind that is NOT a Reiki treatment. Reiki energy easily penetrates through clothing and even through shoes.)
  • You will be on a massage table, protected with freshly laundered sheets.
  • It is preferable for both recipient and practitioner to be clean at the time of the appointment, so neither will be distracted by body odors. However, I have done Reiki treatments for homeless people on the streets, so cleanliness is a suggestion, not a requirement.
  • We will not allow interruptions, like phone calls, text messages, television, or other distractions. This is sacred time in a sacred space. I shall have cleansed the environment and myself beforehand to make it sacred (meaning only purely loving and divine energies may enter for this treatment session). Love yourself enough to give yourself full attention during our time together.


First let me mention that Reiki treatments are WONDERFULLY effective for animals. I have conducted many a session on pets and even on wildlife, and I still may be booked for those treatments.

Black and white cats cuddling in a basket with tails curled in heart shapeSecond, if  we are in my home office and you’re allergic to cats, go home, because I must have forgotten to tell you that I have some!  It’s their house! Cats Rule!

If you are sponsoring me in your home, we must ensure the phones are off, animals are elsewhere, and people will not interrupt.

I give thanks for the opportunity to serve you.

Music or No Music?

Musical notes in front of CDTo aid relaxation, meditation music may be playing in the background. However,  if you don’t like it, just tell me so, and I’ll turn it off!  We can choose silence, water sounds, Tibetan bowls, and each session may be different.


Brainwaves, Levels of Consciousness, TelepathyThe advantage of meditation music is that it causes the brainwaves to slow down from the normal Delta waking state (in which you think about things like business plans and grocery lists). Instead, it takes your mind into the Alpha state – rather like how it feels in those stages when you are entering sleep or awakening from sleep. That leaves you more relaxed, but increases the awareness through your subconscious mind. In deep meditation, you may even go into the Theta state, which is like a deep sleep. Click Here for more information about the brainwave states.

On The Massage Table – Phase II

Pregnant woman having a relaxing Reiki treatmentYou then will lie on your back on the massage table and just rest, while I scan your energy levels. If we don’t have a massage table, we’ll use a bed or some other conducive surface. I’ve done Reiki on the street with homeless people and in the woods for animals, etc. However, a massage table is preferable.

I then share Reiki with you through very gentle laying-on of hands in technically specific positions, starting at the trunk of your body, but eventually going “tip to toe,” (not including the genitalia).

There is little or no talking once the Reiki session starts.  Typically, a person quickly enters a meditative state of peacefully heightened awareness, and that is where they remain throughout the treatment – even if I  occasionally  am guided to convey a message of some sort.  Some people go to sleep!  That’s fine, too.   You might enjoy sensations of  heat, cold, tingling, or “rushing” energies.  A few people feel nothing at all except leisurely and deep relaxation.  No problem.  It’s still working!!

Phase III – The Flip Side

Man on massage table with female Reiki practitioner working at waist levelAfter approximately twenty minutes, I’ll ask you to lie on your stomach, so that I can administer Reiki on your other side.   (I must use a timer, because it is easy for me to lose track of time when I’m sharing Reiki with someone, and it is important that I do not keep other clients waiting by extending your session beyond the hour.)

Phase IV – Easy Does It!

aromatherapy candle and bright orchid on zen stonesNear the end of the therapy, I’ll have you turn onto your back again.

When I have finished, I’ll let you know by covering you with a clean sheet. I’ll probably leave the room for a moment while you bring yourself back to complete conscious awareness.

You should sit up gradually and remain on the table for a few minutes to prevent dizziness. It’s important to drink lots of water to flush out toxins after a treatment. Hopefully, I’ll remember to leave water there for you.

Phase V – What We Learned

Once You’re Back to Your Normal State of Mind

We then quietly exchange any pertinent experiences or insights that either of us wishes to share. Next, you’re on your way home! Before you leave, I’ll share with you the same things you are about to read in the next section.

Reiki practitioner with patient working on allergies

What To Do After The Session Ends

I recommend not listening to any loud, abrasive music (or conversations) for at least thirty minutes, to preserve the healing energies and to protect yourself because you will be highly sensitized to stimuli. Try not to get into any fights with anyone – especially if you love him or her!

You may feel the effects of the treatment for several hours or even days to come – kind of like time-release capsules – but in spiritual form. Feel free to call me with comments or questions after treatment.

What Is “Seated Reiki?”

Young woman having a reiki treatment in therapy room“Seated Reiki” is a “short version” wherein my Reiki client literally is seated in a chair with eyes closed, hands in lap (palms up), and feet flat on the floor.

I administer the Reiki by standing behind the person with my hands on the shoulders for a few minutes.

If “Spirit” moves me to do so, I then may put my hands in various other areas of the body.

I might use this technique in combination with other modalities when I do a variable length holistic healing session. We may choose it for occasions when the time allotment is short, such as in an office environment. Practitioners also use it as a demonstration technique to allow people to experience Reiki before booking a full session.

I hope this has been helpful to you!

Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, and Live Well Together NOW!

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