Tea and Tips #1 Healing From Physical and Sexual Abuse

White tea set with yellow flowers and blue sky backgroundThis is the first in a long-promised series of blogs called Tea & Tips. I’ll write articles on a range of topics, as if we were talking over tea. The topic is entirely dependent upon my mood or what I’ve learned recently. In this case, the conversation is about the socio-cultural issues related to physical and sexual abuse. I’ll offer tips for healing the self.

For millions of people, emotion-laden memories and opinions were raised during the Senate Judicial Committee hearings regarding the allegations by Dr. Christine Ford against Supreme Court Justice candidate, Brett Kavanaugh. I won’t be talking about politics. I’ll be talking about a number of tools which can be used to heal the trauma from a physical or sexual assault and abuse! I’ll also mention who, other than the obvious victims, also need healing.

Have you got your tea? Let’s get started.

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