Chi Machine SALE!

REMINDER: TIME IS RUNNING OUT! the Chi Machine is on SALE Right Now – But Just Until The End of May, 2015!

Sun Ancon Chi Machine (Aerobic Exerciser)

Sun Ancon Chi Machine (Aerobic Exerciser)

Oh dear, I was “asleep at the switch” and did not realize a sale was going on for this quarter. There are just a few days left, and the price is greatly reduced – even more so, if you buy two.  So, you could put your money together with another person and save a lot!  IT IS IMPORTANT! If there were an evacuation emergency at my house, I’d grab my credit cards, my cats, and my chi machine….that’s how beneficial it has been to me.  Why?

5 minutes, lying on the carpet and letting this machine do all the work for you, is equal to a half hour walk. It helps move oxygen, blood, and lymph fluid throughout your body, which assists the body in correcting so many symptoms. See my Chi Machine Page for details about how this amazing machine helped me.

I’m posting this quickly before I have to go to a lot of meetings; and, I shall be tied up in a conference for some days at the end of May, so ACT NOW, if you are interested. Let me know, because the sale prices end at the end of the month!

Thank you!

Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, and Live Well!

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