Facemasks Work! Proof!

PBS Digital Studios posted an episode of It’s Okay to be Smart • PBS. It’s all about proving the effectiveness of Facemasks. Click Here to see their Facebook link if the video does not show up below. (It shows up on my edited version, but – on the formal post – it comes out all a very, very, very, very long link. It’s the IT gremlins at work, I guess!)

Wearing a face mask is a cheap and easy way to slow the spread of airborne diseases like COVID-19 😷👍 This video uses an advanced imaging technique called schlieren visualization to show you why masks work. We’re all in this together! (from It’s Okay to be Smart • PBS)


Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels Facemasks

You don’t have to buy mine. However, I have more than 300 designs on washable, cloth facemasks. More are being added weekly. Also, these masks are made with two separate panels. I discovered you can put one or two surgical masks in between the two panels. That gives you extra protection, while still allowing you to breathe well and look great with the images you chose to show to the public.

Here’s the link, if you’d like to explore the images and colors and make purchases of these designs (with or without the many other products with the same design). https://pixels.com/profiles/nancyayanna-wyatt/shop/face+masks.

Here also are a few examples. See how you can change background colors, and you also can change the image size. Here’s the link on this website if you want to see some more examples – including the designs on tote bags, home decor, and other items.

facemask cactus mandala facemasks cactus mandala

facemask be blessed and have a great day

facemask I love you, Momfacemask meditating with buddhas facemasks

facemasks facemasks















Please Share the Scientific Info on Facemasks

I fervently hope you will share the information about how facemasks help us prevent the spread of COVID-19 (and other germs). Also, please also wear your facemasks whenever you are around those people who do not live with you.

Thank you.

Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, and Live Well!

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