Bursitis! Say What?!! Young or Old?

smiley face crying, need vinegarBURSITIS!  R U KIDDING ME?! Computers? Insect Bites?

OMG - Oh My God re bursitisHow could this happen to ME? How could it happen to YOU? ~ Easily! Just rest your elbows on the table during dinner, or on the desk while you’re working on the computer, or even on armrests while you’re commuting, and, voila! Your chances of getting olecranon bursitis are pretty good!

Imagine my surprise my elbow (which I usually cannot see without a mirror) suddenly showed up in plain sight! A soft blob of fluid – about the size of a purple grape – began shifting around as I moved my arm. I learned that “bump” can get as big as a golf ball and sometimes is called “Popeye’s elbow!” Other common names for it are: “Liquid Elbow,” “elbow bump,” student’s elbow,” or “baker’s elbow.”

What Does Olecranon Bursitis Look Like?

Bursitis Elbow WC.JPG

bursitis (Popeye’s elbow)

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