Bursitis! Say What?!! Young or Old?

smiley face crying, need vinegarBURSITIS!  R U KIDDING ME?! Computers? Insect Bites?

OMG - Oh My God re bursitisHow could this happen to ME? How could it happen to YOU? ~ Easily! Just rest your elbows on the table during dinner, or on the desk while you’re working on the computer, or even on armrests while you’re commuting, and, voila! Your chances of getting olecranon bursitis are pretty good!

Imagine my surprise my elbow (which I usually cannot see without a mirror) suddenly showed up in plain sight! A soft blob of fluid – about the size of a purple grape – began shifting around as I moved my arm. I learned that “bump” can get as big as a golf ball and sometimes is called “Popeye’s elbow!” Other common names for it are: “Liquid Elbow,” “elbow bump,” student’s elbow,” or “baker’s elbow.”

What Does Olecranon Bursitis Look Like?

Bursitis Elbow WC.JPG

bursitis (Popeye’s elbow)

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What Exactly IS Olecranon Bursitis and What Causes It?

My doctor solved the mystery by telling me I had Bursitis. I was incredulous! Research was in order.

According to WebMD,

“Olecranon” refers to the pointy bone in your elbow. “Bursitis” refers to inflammation of a part of your body called a bursa.

A bursa is a sac full of fluid. Bursa occur throughout your body, acting as cushions between body parts, such as where muscles and tendons glide over bones and near large joints such as your shoulders, hips, and knees.

The bursa in your elbow, called the olecranon bursa, reduces friction between the skin and the pointy bone in your elbow, which you can feel when you bend it.

You don’t notice the bursa because it usually lies flat, conforming to the shape of your bone. But when it gets irritated, the bursa can get swollen and large.

I had associated this swelling with the difficult symptoms I was experiencing from an insect bite. The presumed Villain is a tick or a spider. I might be right (although I use computers constantly). Additional causes are:

It can be painful, although, thankfully, mine is not. (I have severe pain in the left leg from the insect bite. That’s enough pain for me at one time!) Bursitis commonly affects other areas, such as hips, knees, shoulders, etc.

Read more here. In part, it says,

Bursitis is the inflammation or irritation of the bursa, a fluid-filled sac located between bone, muscle, tendons, and skin, that decreases rubbing, friction, and irritation. It is most often caused by repetitive, minor impact on the area, or from a sudden, more serious injury, and most often is found in elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, and the Achilles tendon. Bursitis, which is painful, is more common in people over 40.

What Are Some Treatments for This Kind of Bursitis?

  • Avoiding aggravating activities
  • Icing the injury
  • Resting the affected body part
  • Over the Counter anti-inflammatory medicines or using ginger, turmeric, and other natural anti-inflammatory, cacti (aloe vera), herbs and spices.








colorful spices for bursitis

Various colorful spices on wooden table, top view.

Do You Know of Natural (non-pharmaceutical drugs) Ways to Reduce Pain and/or Swelling Caused by Some Form of Bursitis in Various Joints? Please Share!

I never expected to be bringing the topic of “bursitis” to your attention. However, since it might be preventable and certainly is something millions of people experience, I decided to share what I’ve learned. Let me know if you’ve found any ‘magic’ natural cures, and I’ll be glad to share your comments. Meanwhile …………………

Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, Live Well, and Change Our Lives Together Now!


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