Vinegar and Your Health

Can Vinegar Save My Happiness, As Well As My Health?

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David Avacado Wolfe is an internationally famous Health, Eco, Nutrition, and Natural Beauty Expert. Millions of people take his respected advice. He told us to throw away our Keurig coffee makers because there is no way to clean the tank inside.

smiley face crying, need vinegarI decided to cry, because I know he is right, but then I changed my mind…about the crying. Instead of tossing it, I ran about 3 cups of vinegar through it, as if I were making vinegar tea. It helped a lot.

I also just discovered Keurig makes a descaling solution specifically for these coffee makers in order to get the salts/scales off them. I don’t know if it kills bacteria (which was what I was trying to do with the vinegar). In lieu of better ideas, I think we should do both procedures at least monthly.

There are many more household uses for vinegar. Reader’s Digest has a great article describing several uses. It covers everything from cleaning your keyboards and mouse or phones to eliminating ballpoint pen marks. It talks about cleaning piano keys and window blinds, carpet stains, and rusting scissors or other tools. You can use it to unclog drains and remove candle wax. Who knew? Yea, vinegar!

Back to that coffee maker, here’s what Reader’s Digest says:

Clean a coffeemaker

If your coffee consistently comes out weak or bitter, odds are, your coffeemaker needs cleaning. Fill the decanter with 2 cups white vinegar and 1 cup water. Place a filter in the machine, and pour the solution into the coffeemaker’s water chamber. Turn on the coffeemaker and let it run through a full brew cycle. Remove the filter and replace it with a fresh one. Then run clean water through the machine for two full cycles, replacing the filter again for the second brew. If you have soft water, clean your coffeemaker after 80 brew cycles — after 40 cycles if you have hard water.

There are huge health benefits from using organic apple cider vinegar. The best-known book on the subject is Mr. Bragg’s publication. I’ll do another article about that at some point, but right now, all I want is my coffee! laughing smiley face

Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, Live Well, and  Change Our Lives  Together Now!

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