Swollen Ankles May Indicate Venous Insufficiency

Venous insufficiency. Swelling of the ankles and feet is often an early symptom of venous insufficiency, a condition in which blood inadequately moves up the veins from the legs and feet up to the heart. Normally, the veins keep blood flowing upward with one-way valves. When these valves become damaged or weakened, the blood leaks back down the vessels and fluid is retained in the soft tissue of the lower legs, especially the ankles and feet. Chronic venous insufficiency can lead to skin changes, skin ulcers, and infection. If you experience signs of venous insufficiency you should see your doctor. Find out more about chronic venous insufficiency.

The above quote is from Web MD, where you can learn more about this and most other health topics.

Venous Insufficiency

swollen ankle, ankle pain

According to the  Center for Vein Restoration, this condition may be related to Varicose Veins. (That website has GREAT pictures of spider veins and varicose veins to help ensure you can envision each topic and which conditions may apply to you or someone you know.)

Varicose Veins

Often painful and unsightly, varicose veins are visibly bumpy or rope-like and may occur in almost any part of the leg—most often in the back of the calf or on the inside of the leg between the groin and the ankle. Varicose veins can be sometimes be debilitating, limit a person’s mobility, and affect their quality of life.


Common Symptoms Include

leg pain

aching, or cramping

fatigued or heavy-feeling legs


swollen ankles

restless legs

ulcers (in severe cases)

Of course, swelling of feet and ankles can be caused by injuries or infections, and it commonly occurs during pregnancies. But, pay attention!


The swelling also can be caused by blood clots. “These blood clots can be life-threatening if they break loose and travel to the heart and lungs. If you have swelling in one leg, along with pain, low-grade fever, and possibly a change in color of the affected leg, call your doctor immediately. Treatment with blood thinners may be necessary. Learn more about deep vein thrombosis (DVT).” This quote is from WebMD.


I am not a physician, nor do I make any claims whatsoever about diagnosing or treating any kinds of symptoms or illnesses. I simply am sharing this information with you. What caused me to write about this topic this month is the simple fact that I’ve noticed unusual swelling in my own ankles. I do far too much sitting in front of a computer and far too much unrelenting standing while doing other chores – particularly when I’m working outdoors on property maintenance. So, I “looked myself up” and want to share what I’ve learned about swollen ankles and to tell you what remedies I’m going to try to see if they work for me. If the symptoms persist, I’ll see a physician for a diagnosis.

Teeter Hangups

The first thing that comes to mind is the Teeter Hangups – an “inversion table.” If you don’t have one, you might remember seeing that “older gentleman” hanging upside down from a contraption and then doing situps from the upside-down position. He appears to be and claims to be “the picture of health” from the benefits of regularly using this inversion table.

head and shoulder view of woman rubbing her back with orange spot indicating back pain

His is the only Inversion Table on the market that is FDA-REGISTERED as a 510(k) Medical Device. Using this is indicated for:

  • Back PainHerniated discs
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal degenerative joint disease
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Spinal curvature due to tight muscles
  • Facet syndrome
  • Muscle tension
  • Muscle spasm
  • Spinal stenosis

That says nothing about blood circulation, but the fact is that, while you’re hanging upside down like a bat in a cave, all the fluids in your body are rushing toward your heart and head. Your organs also are now “going in the opposite direction,” as opposed to going only Southward as you age. It feels wonderful, as if your organs now are back where they were during your youth. With that combination of goodness, I figure it’s worth a try.

The Teeter Hang-ups are not cheap, but what glorious relief I have felt on my back and how rejuvenated after using one. The trick is not to let it sit in a corner and become a place where you toss things while doing something else in the room.

The Famous “Chi Machine”

Sun Ancon Chi machine helps with circulation

Whereas I do not sell Teeter Hang-ups, I must disclose that I not only bought, but I do sell my Sun Ancon original chi machine. It’s a must-have for oxygenating the body when one cannot or will not get around to doing aerobic exercises.

Five minutes on this machine is equal to a half-hour walk, aerobically speaking! Thus, 10 minutes = equivalent to a 1-hour walk, etcetera. The Chi Machine is patented, trademarked, and registered as an Oxygen Exerciser / Medical Apparatus Aerobic Exerciser  It is known worldwide and was featured on The Doctors TV show,

Japanese scientist,  Dr. Shizuo Inoue, conducted 38 years of research on this process and is credited with the idea of providing a machine to swing the feet, causing a sideways oscillation of the pelvis like the undulation of a fish swimming. He understood the benefits of “passive aerobic exercise” and developed the only true Chi Machine®. He believed that lack of oxygen in the body is a primary cause of diseases, and many doctors now agree, including Nobel Prize winners, Dr. Warburg and Dr. Odeuale. You can learn much more about this on my own Chi Machine Page.

Hey, Lady, Just Tell Us How It Works!

Suffice it to say, a person (man, woman, child) just lies on his or her back, puts ankles onto the chi machine cradle, turns it on, and lets the machine gently sway the body. The outcome is that the whole body is benefiting from the increased circulation of oxygen, blood, lymph fluids, etc. So, I am betting this will help with my swollen ankles symptoms.

woman lying on her back using the Sun Ancon chi machine aerobic exerciser

Regular Exercise

Of course, I could spend a lot of time exercising to see if that would help; but, let’s face it. I have so much work to do that it is 99 point 9 % sure that ain’t gonna happen. So, I’ll try these things and will let you know if they work.

If you have solved the swollen ankles problem – without medications – let us know. We’d love to hear your suggestions.

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