Hypnosis Helps Heal!

Brainwaves, Levels of Consciousness, Telepathy, Hypnosis HealsDon’t take my word for it! Here is what one of my Master teachers wrote to give you some examples of how Hypnosis Helps Heal. (In her class, she encouraged all of us to share anything she said or wrote in order to teach people about the amazing benefits of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy.)
Hello everyone!

 I’ve changed what I was going to write this month because of a really profound event that just happened. First of all, many thanks to all of you who sent Katie my daughter prayers and good wishes recently.You all heard about her in my book (Every Word has Power), and I often get people asking me how she is! Katie collapsed in May and was rushed to hospital for three weeks – this is a young woman who doesn’t smoke, drink or do drugs and who goes to the gym almost daily. It turned out that the Evra birth control patch had made her form a HUGE grapefruit sized hemorrhagic cyst inside her ovary! Too much estrogen.

We finally knew that she would have to have an operation when her lung collapsed and filled with 2 liters of fluid, so I suggested that we tell her unconscious mind ahead of time what was going to happen, utilizing hypnosis.I know that 20 minutes’ hypnosis is equal to 4 hours sleep, and that if you do hypnosis with someone who has had a fall, or breaks a bone, recovery time is minimal.

My assistant Sheena had broken her hip falling from a horse a few years ago and rushed me to see her as the doctors told her that she would always walk with a limp, never mind ride again (her one passion in life). I thanked the unconscious mind for letting us know that Sheena needed to slow down (!) and took her back to before birth, when every cell knew its job perfectly, to realign the cells in her hip.

During the hypnosis I suggested that she get well fast and that she would be on her feet almost immediately. She left the hospital and was driving and riding perfectly again three weeks later. No limp!

I did the same with Katie just before her operation to remove the ovary and she had only one day of discomfort and no pain at all afterwards. She went smiling into surgery! Even I was surprised by how effectively it worked. Here she is in a cabaret just ONE WEEK after leaving the hospital:

I (Nancy Ayanna Wyatt) am certified in NLP and in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, and I shall be holding a series of classes in the Fall to share information about how people can help themselves Stress Less and Reduce or Resolve Pain. I’ll be creating the classes, starting in July, so I can share them with you this summer, if you are interested. Let me know!

Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, and Live Well!

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