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Do you need some tips and tricks on how to stress less during challenging or even traumatic situations? How about a “sounding board” for your business ideas or personal feelings? Do you just need someone to listen without judging you? These are the kinds of things we’ll do in Sip & Share sessions on Zoom. (Both individuals or groups may take advantage of this offer.)

keyboard with red key "Success"You don’t need to know how to use Zoom, because I do! I’ll set up our online meeting. It’s easy. All you have to do is click on the link that I’ll send you and then join me in conversation.

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Sipping is not required, but why not make things fun and keep yourself company with tea, coffee, a smoothie, or juice that is healthful?


illustration of Zoom meetingWhether we have a personal one-on-one private Sip & Share session or a group “seance,” I’ll keep all information strictly confidential.

Possible Exceptions. There are some circumstances in which we want others to access our talk.

    • One example is when the participant(s) want me to contact another group or individual for input, collaboration, referrals, or some other kind of assistance.
    • Another is when the participants want to record and share the conversation or to stream our conversation in real-time. Live-streaming would apply if we chose to use FaceBook live, for example, instead of Zoom. There are other options.
    • We are legally required to have the permission of each participant – including mine – for any recording, publication, or sharing of a session. Depending on the nature of the event, that could be informal, verbal consent. In rare circumstances, I would require a signed release for use of audio and visual materials in advance of the session.

Why Can I Help You Through Sip & Share?

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My gift is the ability to help people gain deep insight into situations, into themselves, and into potential resolutions to problems. This enables folks to stress less and to make productive changes in their lives.

Sample comments from people whom I served in the past as a counselor or as a holistic healer

 “It felt Holy!” 

“Everything you said was right on target.  I hadn’t realized those things still bothered me.” 

“Never before in my life have I felt such peace and such ecstasy.” 

“The Lord has given you many gifts!” 

“This is the first time in years that I’ve been pain-free!” 

“I trust you completely.”

How Long Is a Sip & Share Session?

Sip & Share sessions include the following options: 15-minutes; 30-minutes; 45-minutes; 60 minutes. Your choice.

If we get started, and you want to keep going after time is up, we can do that, if my schedule allows. Otherwise, we’ll book more time at the next mutually convenient time slot.

NOTE: I’m on a schedule. I start and end ON TIME! alarm clock

My time has been reserved for you, which means no other paying client may have that slot, so I do not issue refunds for “no shows.”

Why Choose Me for a Sip & Share?

GIF of woman multi-taskingYou may find me useful because I have extensive and well-recognized accomplishments in business, as a volunteer, and as a holistic healing practitioner. I also have an unusually wide variety of life experiences and many certifications. Feel free to “check me out” on LinkedIn and my other social media pages and also to read some of my testimonials here.

A Few Details – Or Scroll Down to Payment Options

Holistic Healing | Meditation Teacher/Practitioner: I am certified as a spiritual counselor, a life coach, a hypnotherapist, and in many support modalities. Those include NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming, EFT (Tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique), and more. Click Here for the details.


hand with fingers in meditation pose

  • During this pandemic, most requests have been for “healing in absentia” aka “distance healing,” and we have had some great results. Let me know if you would prefer this to a Sip & Share session.
  • My customized HypnoMeditations also are very popular. They are highly effective for daily use as affirmations and in overcoming beliefs and feelings which no longer serve one well. They are more expensive because creating them takes several hours. My clients, however, have found them well worth the money.
  • I also teach a wide variety of classes for personal or professional development. They are for groups and for individuals. Contact me, if interested.

Interior of modern boardroom with conference table and white armchairsBusiness: I have worked in support and managerial levels throughout the country for multi-national corporations, “Mom & Pop” companies, higher education, non-profits, and state government. I’m a “solopreneur.” I am an author, writer, editor, teacher, and trainer, as well as developer (or documenter) of policies and procedures. My resume is available upon request.

Volunteer: I have volunteered:

  • scales of justice by Gordon Johnsonin Sing Sing prison (establishing computer skills among residents so they could: pay reparations, send money to their families, earn money while in prison, and have a skill upon release from prison)
  • at homeless shelters. I volunteered and also authored monologues (that were performed extensively for raising Three Hots and a Cot book cover dark silhouette of a man against orange sky, as he faces homelessness, addiction, and AIDS.funds and issue awareness) which became the book, “Three Hots and a Cot, Stories of Courage from People Struggling with Homelessness, Addiction, and AIDS.”  Click Here if interested.
  • with people who were drug and alcohol addicted
  • with people who were sexually abused ( and wrote a play about domestic violence: Break the Chain.”
  • for people with AIDS
  • as a radio host for people with eyesight disabilities
  • as the organizer and on-site facilitator for “College for Kids” weekend programs.
  • on a Native American reservation

Do We Have to Sip & Share on Zoom?

Webinar, Video, Call, Cam, Chat, ZoomNo. I do want to see the person with whom I’m talking, if possible. However, I know a lot of folks feel the effects of aging or illness and don’t want to be seen.

If you’re one of those, I may accommodate you with a Zoom audio-only session, a Facebook audio-only chat, or a phone call, instead. I shall vet you first, though, as I don’t want to deal with hackers or people with ill intent who are trying to be anonymous by not presenting photos of themselves or speaking to me “face to face.”

We can use the chat feature in Messenger, and – if you prefer to set up the meeting on some other platform, like Webex, Skype, etcetera, we can do that; but, at this juncture, I don’t know how to host those platforms.

Payment Options for Sip & Share

PayPal logo for Sip & ShareZelle logo for electronic payments




If you’d like to Sip & Share with me on Zoom (or using some other mutually-agreeable method), please contact me at, and we can schedule a date and time. Please put “Sip & Share” in the title of your email, so that your message does not get lost among the hundreds of emails I get.

Once we agree on the meeting arrangements, you will be able to pay me via PayPal or by electronic funds transfer, using Zelle. I’ll give you those details in the email confirming our “date.” I’ll let you know when I’ve received your payment, so that we can confirm our meeting arrangements. If you need to pay by check, we’ll schedule the session(s) after the check clears.

The typical price for any kind of consultation ranges from $100 – $200/hour. The price for the Sip & Share sessions is reduced during the pandemic to, basically, a dollar a minute.

15 minutes = $15     30 minutes = $30

45 minute = $45     60 minutes = $60.

Sip & Share Refund Policy, I have reserved my time for you, which means no other paying client may have that slot, so I do not give refunds or the option to reschedule for “no shows.” It also means we start and end on time, so I can honor my next client. Typically, if circumstances allow, I open the meeting from 3 – 5 minutes early, so we can resolve minor technical issues that might arise.

  • If severe technical difficulties (power outages, etc.) prevent our meeting, the option is to reschedule the session.
  • If something happens that prevents me from conducting the session, you are entitled either to a rescheduled appointment or to a refund.
  • I require 24-hours advance notice of cancellations in order for your payment to be applied to a future session.

ocean with foam and stacked rocks on a beach, mindfulness meditationWe can have some fun, be serious, try ideas out on each other, and generally learn something new when we Sip & Share. We might even find out how to create moments of inner peace.

I hope you’ll join me in exploring ourselves and our options. Thank you! I bet you’ll be glad you did!


The information shared on this site and in our chat sessions is intended for educational purposes only. My products, services, and advice are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from any disease, illness, or injury should consult with a physician. You are fully responsible for all choices you make in problem-resolution.


This offer is NOT about politics or ranting. It is about constructive, healing life-coaching and counseling services to help folks on an informal and inexpensive basis. Predators of any kind will be blocked and banned.

I do not allow bullying of any kind in group sessions, and I shall not tolerate degrading comments about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender, or identity.

Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, and Live Well

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