The Foiled Healer ~ Take Illness for Example

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As A Healer,

How Many Times
Have You Seen or Known Someone
Whom You Know You Could Help
With Tried and True Healing Modalities

If Only They Were
Open to Possibility
And/or Available?

Frustration Mounts
When Something Which Has Always Worked
Does Not Work This Time.


Reiki Kanji Symbol for healing at a distance

Reiki Healing Symbol

  • Is It His Karma?
  • Is It Her Lesson to Learn By:
    • Retaining the Symptoms
    • Consequent Introspection
    • Learning Empathy for Others in Similar Circumstances?

  • Is the Soul Insistent on Illness as a Path Toward Developing
    • Patience
    • Compassion
    • Self-Care
    • Endurance
    • Willingness to Explore Alternatives?

  • Is It a
    • Failure to Get to The Root Source?
    • Misunderstanding or Hiding of the Real Circumstances, Emotions, or Convictions?

  • Does the Recipient Have an Overriding Belief?

  • Do the Symptoms Fulfill an Otherwise Unexpressed Need?
  • Is It How the Recipient Commands/Demands Attention and Service from Others?
    • Would Losing the Symptoms Mean Losing One’s Identity?
    • Who Are They Without the Dis-Ease for Which They Are Known?
    • Are They Afraid to Be Healthy
      • And Forego Being the Center of Attention
      • And Have to Take on Responsibilities Others Have Been Handling?

  • Are They Experiencing Something In This Life
    • Which They Have Caused Others to Suffer
    • That They Have Mocked in Others?

  • Have They Been Taught or Trained to Ignore Symptoms and “Power Through” Them? Have They
    • Simply Learned to “Play Hurt” and Give Pain No Attention?
    • Adopted the “Never Let Them See You Cry” Version of Stoicism?

  • Are They Afraid to Learn What Emotions Lurk Inside the Pain?

Perhaps There Is No Cause and Effect Other than the Presence Of A Certain Overwhelming Bacteria, Virus, Toxin, Metal In the Absence of a Robust Immune System.

Perhaps It’s All “The Luck of the Draw.”

I Doubt It

True Healers know that it is not they who do the healing. They merely are conduits of healing energy, knowledge, or substances that the Recipients (ourselves or others)  choose to receive or not to receive at levels of Consciousness and Sub-Consciousness and at the level of the Soul.

Still, we try.

It is the Recipient, not the Healer, who is Foiled.

Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, Live Well and  Change Our Lives Together Now!

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